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C.D. It’s About [the] Bens – The Pope is Pooped

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A New Day 4 Al Islam

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Note: the 2nd part of this title was in no way meant as disrespect for Pope Benedict or our Catholic breathren, rather a frank metaphor, acknowledging his exhaustion.

On Feb. 7, at the National Prayer Breakfast, keynote speaker, the revered (at least, until now) Dr. Ben Carson, delivered what was seen by many, as a gentle rebuke to political policies largely espoused by the Democratic Party, and Barack Obama.

Near the end of his speech, he touched on two issues, the tax system and Obamacare. For the first, he used Biblical references of tithing, to explain why the “pay your fair share” mantra of the democrats, is patently unfair. For healthcare, he proposed a sort of “health account” that is funded for each person, from the day they are born, to be utilized or replenished, as appropriate. It would also be transferable to ones heirs.

As would be expected, but most unfortunate, has been the partisan tone in the response to this fine address. Conservatives love it, while liberals deem it "not appropriate”.

In what has sent shockwaves throughout the religious and secular world, Pope Benedict will abdicate his papacy, effective Feb. 28th, citing in part, I have come to the certainty that my strengths, due to an advanced age, are no longer suited to an adequate exercise of the Petrine ministry.

The reaction was widespread and diverse, with respect and deference coming from Barack Obama, Angela Merckel and David Cameron. Others, from members of the culturally-depraved left, spoke in almost vulgar terms, of a man who symbolized the stark realties of the modern world facing Divine Judgment; redefinition of the family, infanticide and the ugly exposure of child abuse.

We will try our very best this Saturday, to review and discuss both men and their impacting statements, only on Critical Discourse.