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Yes, I've been off the air a while. On this special night edition I'm going to catch up on the fake Bin Laden kill and the completely ridiculous but textbook reaction to Rashard Mendenhall tweeting the truth about 9/11 and the bin Laden... more

Today I'm going to go over headlines, including escalating tensions with China, government threatening and harassing reporters, and the the out of control TSA groping and drug testing a 6 year old girl.

As the Pentagon plays its backtracking game again on leaving Iraq, (which Obusha never really planned on doing) Iraqis are taking to the streets demanding that we leave. A prominent cleric is threatening to escalate violence if we... more

The major issues coming up are the western backed riots in the Middle East, the rising commodity prices, and of course the election. The media knows and this plans to control reality by herding you towards certain conclusions that aren't... more

Wayne Madsen published a report today that goes over mainstream media/(possible CIA) role in putting out mercenary rumor in Libya. I'll be covering that, along with how the military and intelligence has worked hand in hand with... more

As a new war begins and as news comes out of more war atrocities- (including soldiers posing for photos with dead bodies)-- and America collectively yawns I will in this special Friday night broadcast be going over excerpts from Robert... more

The Latest on the Globalist Takeover of Libya.

I go over the latest headlines about Obama's illegal war in Libya and the news that tribal leaders in North Waziristan declared jihad on the US over mass murdering drone bombings.

Ryan Smith is a contributing writer to America 20xy living in Tokyo. He'll talk about the situation on the ground there and the Japanese government's response to the earthquake and the nuclear disaster.

All the latest on Obusha's new war front in Libya, a quick analysis on new global conflicts, and (time permitting) an excerpt from an old book about corruption.
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