Loving and Lasting with Ande Lyons

Loving and Lasting with Ande Lyons


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Keep your relationship loving and lasting! Join host Ande Lyons every Tuesday and Thursday at 12 noon EST as she chats with the best love experts, relationship experts, and authors, all sharing advice on how you can deepen the love, intimacy and sensual pleasure... with your Beloved Self and your Beloved Partner.

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Unresolved anger is the #1 killer of love… and husband withdrawal is the number one cause of marital and relationship strife, divorce, and domestic violence. Known to millions as ?Dr. Love? at AskDrLove.com, Dr. Jamie Turndorf... more

?I've been in more laps than a napkin.? ~ Mae West Did you know, according to a recent survey, a woman is considered promiscuous at her 5th partner? Conversely, men are not considered promiscuous until they've had 25+... more

?It's not the men in your life that matters; it's the life in your men.? ~ Mae West Dr. Marc Richman is the co-founder of Obsidian Men's Health, a premier men's sexual-health institute where they focus on enhancing the sex lives — and... more

Sexy is a state of mind, not just body! Susan Lee Miller coaches women in bringing back their inner sexy ~ their life force energy ~ so they can revel in their sexuality, be more creative and confident, have better sex and lead more... more

"The words that enlighten the soul are more precious than jewels." ~ Hazrat Inayat Khan Michelle Arbeau has had an ongoing love affair with the written word her entire life. As a child, she could often be found with a notepad and pencil... more

Over 40 million Americans are stuck in a sex rut and 52% are dissatisfied with their sex lives. Todd Creager, a relationship and sex expert, is here to share how to rekindle the passion and pleasure in your marriage! A psychotherapist... more

Technology has transformed the way we communicate. We send and receive more and more emails every day. We text. We tweet. We have reduced our communications down to efficient sound bites—and at the same time,... more

?You build your business around your life, not your life around your business.? ~ Don Purdum Most entrepreneurs make the mistake of building their lives around their businesses. As a Chaplain in the PA Army National Guard where... more

Nobody can escape change, whether it's the loss of a job, a home, money, or even a loved one. Instead of falling into fear or avoidance, find your way back to happiness and wholeness by embracing the opportunity for growth and renewal... more

Did you know there's a simple 60-second cure that can put the sizzle and the closeness back in your relationship? Even if: • Your lover is getting on your nerves and driving you up a wall • You're living in a lonely, resentful, angry,... more
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