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Entrepreneur, author and Personal Transformation Coach Michael Taylor empowers men of all ages, races and religions to reach their full potential. Coach Taylor provides a motivational and informational "coaching session" that provides listeners with the tools necessary to live a rewarding and fulfilling life.

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If you are looking for a guaranteed way to be successful in all areas of your life then you must first begin with Unstoppable Confidence. Confidence is the foundation of success and without it you will most likely fail at any endeavor. So,... more

There comes a time in every mans life in which he must begin asking himself deeper questions. These questions are generally driven by pain or by a deep feeling of divine discontent. When a man is ready, he will answer the call of his... more

What would happen if there was a school designed specifically to support and empower men to create a new paradigm of masculinity on the planet? What if this school taught men to become more loving, more compassionate, more self... more

Join Coach Michael Taylor as he shares his top 10 priorities for living an extraordinary life. 1. Self (Make sure that you take care of your emotional, spiritual and intellectual self) 2. Health (Be conscious of what you eat and make... more

For far too many men relationships are filled with angst, distrust, disloyalty and overall dissatisfaction. The media would have you believe that men are generally responible for relationship breakups, and far too often, men accept this as truth... more

Have you ever dreamed of being in the top 10% of the happiest, wealthiest and most fulfilled people on the planet? Have you been looking for a resource to support you in bringing that dream to reality? Join Coach Michael Taylor as he... more

The media generated perception is that men are testosterone driven neanderthals that only think about sex, sports and making money. We are constantly bombarded with negative images about men and violence, greed, infidelity and... more

Are you ready to create the income you deserve, the connected relationships you crave, a healthy physically fit body, a rewarding and fulfilling career and a deep sense of passion and purpose in your life? Are you having difficulty... more

What would happen if one million men learned how to become remarkable men to their spouses, to their children to their community and to themselves? Dwayne Klassen has a vision for this to happen and he will be answering this question... more

Are there solutions to the senseless acts of violence perpetuated by men that are so common in our society? Will new gun laws or additional legislation help eradicate these problems? Is it part of a mans genetic makeup to be violent?... more
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