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John Lear Beth Vegh

Ancient Future


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Radio Blogging into the Future and the Past with John Lear and Beth Vegh! The subject matter ranges from theoretical to documented fact. You will hear and see evidence for civilizations on other planets: Some very ancient, some surprisingly current. From ongoing mining projects on the Lunar surface to conspiratorial evidence and black box projects.Researchers will keep you informed about UFOs, interplanetary travel and the ancient gods. It certainly doesn't get more interesting than this!

On-Demand Episodes

The Alien Stranger, ufos, abductions, etc.

Earthquakes and Prophecy

Bible and Prophecy scholar, discusses pyramids and the nephilim.

ufos, the singularity, author, evidence the case for nasa ufos

Comic Book Artist and Growing Earth Theorist!

A politically saavy pair of conspiracy theorists and radio personalities!

Researcher of Ancient Egypt and Ancient Texts

A Former member of the OTO (some think of this organization as the Illuminati), discusses UFOs and ETs.

Michael Heiser and Beth Vegh discuss "reptilians" and the biblical texts.

John Lear, Ron "Zorgon" Schmidt and Beth Vegh, discuss subjects related to civilization on the Moon