MAMAS = Mothers Against Murdering Afrikans!!!

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Yes - Yes - MAMAS = Mothers Against Murdering Afrikans and Mothers Against Murdering Afrikan Spirits  - The Most Highest had placed the meaning of "Mamas" inside of me in August of 2012 - - Also, placed inside of me is the realization of the Time NOW for the Real Black-Womb to regain her thrown - The Real Black Womb-man is that 3, 4, 5, 6, 7...G (Generation) of Blackness from the Black Womb-man - it is time my sisters to regain your thrown - because of the germacide & mixing of races, we now have 1& 2G (Generation) women waiting to pounch and take your thrown       and they are not yet black - you see you have to kill that bad germ that has infected the blood-line of Blackness & it takes 3 - 4 Generation to breed that bad blood out - that means, it may not be you to be black, but your grand and great-grand children - whenever you speak of the Black Nation, you must  be speaking of the Black Womb-man because it is the Black Womb-man that gives birth to the Black Nation! - -  - It's Our Time Black Womb-Man - Raise and take your place - reach out your hands & elevate our Beautiful Black Men with us (Electromagnetism) - - the "co-hension" clause behind Black: imeaning the descendents of the Original, Ancient Kush, Kemet, Afrikan, Ethopia Ancestors who were stolening here, into a country that's not of their own - US! - Lets talk about it!!! - - Amen and El Kuluwm - - Price: OPEN MIND; Location: 0 X ZERO SPACE; Benefit: MENTAL FREEDOM; Destination: THE ALL / THE ONE