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TATOFXThe Anointed Teachings of Ifa

TATOFXThe Anointed Teachings of Ifa


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Tonight we will be discussing IWA PELE i.e. Good Character.  And, as I begin, I begin by paraphrasing a portion of Ifa Scripture by the linking of Ifa Pele i.e. good character to Universal Truths.  Ifa says:  “Truthfulness, righteousness, kindness are the traits of Iwa Pele.  These are the things that Irumoles i.e. Imoles support.  We are to avoid wicked deeds, as stated in Eji Ogbe”.

IFA says: I behave as my GOD creates me. I do good always, I am honest; I do no evil nor do I harbor evil thoughts; Lest I die wretched or miserable; because whatever we initiate in our youth will remain with us until old age, the autumn of ones life.  Please, call: 347 308 8392 at 7:00 p.m. E.S.T.