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Illuminati, Annunaki and Satan's Control

  • Broadcast in Religion
TATOFXThe Anointed Teachings of Ifa

TATOFXThe Anointed Teachings of Ifa


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Nothing exists without the sustenance of Olodumare, S/He sustain all; just as s/he created all.  Positive and negative are both sides of the same coin.  They are not going anywhere.  As long as there is life here on Earth as we know it today, duality (positive and negative; day and night; natural and spiritual worlds) will be in existence.  Once the Atlantis arises, things will be as one again.  There will be no separation.  That’s the Good News!  The world will have recreated itself by the Divine Providence of Olodumare.  The “Old” will have passed away.  With all of this being said and revealed to us; the question still posed:  Are we ready?  

It is imperative that one gets on his or her spiritual destiny; and, be about spiritual elevation and conscious evolution in order to ascend to higher frequencies or dimensions.  If, for some reason one is not able or capable of this evolution to higher dimensions they will not survive; they will experience rapid aging prematurely.   Warnings of the Atlantis rising has been set before us, it is in process as I speak.  We all have been given ample enough of time to get on board.  Olodumare never allows anything to happen to us or occur without warning us first.  Know this, what was once under water will no longer be; and, what is now atop will not be due the shifting of the Earth via Quakes, Floods, Top soil taking flight as it did in the 1930’s etc.  The handwriting is clearly on the wall.

Consciousness is ascending and elevating to higher frequencies and dimensions.  Once the ultimate dimension is attained the schism of the separation of Priesthood will be no more.  They will be balanced; even though both light and dark energies will still exist.  Humans will be enlightened i.e. Extra Terrestrial beings.