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Anarchy Talk with Jimbozo

Anarchy Talk with Jimbozo


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The inevitable fall of government all over the planet because of tax evader lotteries. Imagine a world with no government.

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Mud-slinging as usual trying to make the other candidate look insensitive, or a national security threat, with lack of pity over dead soldier, e-mail threats, the soap opera goes on. We've never had laws and we never will, it's all about politics,... more

Julian Assange and Wikileaks back in the news with more information of those e-mails sent by Hillary that may have outed US sensitive security leaks. The Web belongs to all of us, the power-trippers beware that your days are numbered and... more

"Black lives matter" but then again so do non-black lives, and hatred of the system is not just black or muslim. Main-stream media, where the vast majority of people get their news, won't report financial or digital anarchy, only violence or... more

Some Hillary and Bernie news (Yawn!), in a world where the technology gets smarter and the people get dumber, only the diminishing tax revenues represent hope as there is more violence easily predicted with trends anaylsis in the... more

Killing spree continues, unclear if is the "black lives matter" crowd, or Islamic Jihad. Some say Dallas policeman waas victim of random burgulary. Some feel Fort Myers shooting unrelated to Isil/Isis. Hillary prepares for convention in... more

Trump remains consistent as strong-man on national sovereignty, in light of increase pro-jihad attacks, as I see he recognizes the double-standard for immigration law. Hillary takes the position of name-calling, calling the... more

A stateless society where all responsibilities of the former government will be privatized for better, cheaper, friendlier service, with a permanent good world economy. Embrace International tax law where no one has to pay taxes, or go... more

The Republican convention invites the anarchists, usually a bunch of violent knuckle-heads who have a problem with Trump's view on immigration. But anarchy is inevitable because of declining tax revenue (listen to how saving the... more