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Being ask to sing is one thing i fear.

When someone can see your love for music is there, and the willingness to make that happen you know you still have or can re capture your past and make it the future.

At age 5 i wanted to play guitar, i got in to trouble for even breaking out the guitar in the wide open on a stormy day.

I was never to have a guitar again, i might have got in to trouble with it but they couldn't take my voice box so i used it as a way to make music.

From that time i have been in to many things far as computers, electronics and now net.

I used to play in a few bands off and on never settling with one, but did mang to keep a band for a time till the passing of my son in the 90's. That all ended i was never going to sing again.

As i got older i realized my love for music still hunted me,
the rock era was dieing out the metal heads was getting older and stopping what they was doing for a time.

I was so out of it, all the music and stuff i learned practiced and sang was dieing out the songs i wrote forgot about put to the rest with the past i once had.

Later tried to go back but the styles i carried. it wasn't welcome so i mang to start back in the music biz not live not singing but djing it.

I knew enough about the artist to do radio why couldn't i stay in music this way?
later perhaps ill grow more in to the newer stuff i did, but it wasn't like i had planed it to be like either.

Don't get me wrong, country, rock, rap, pop, r and b, is al right but for a person in music that one area is where you want to try to stick with and rock, hard rock, and metal was my thing' still is.

I do sound country abit, lol just ask Chris from odius, doing a kidrock song i kinda sounded to country doing "only god knows why" not bad, but not what i wanted to sound like.

We wont go there for why i sounded country then lol lets just say i had a blast hanging with members of odius then, when they to was a band a dam good one.

Today I'm given a challenge, the lead of waysted generations wants me to sing music he wrote. its a trial for now hoping it wont be after.

I need to work on it maybe within a week ill have 2 songs done and ready for recording, but its something i have to do now, not later it will be challenging.
Picking up the words wasn't to hard, had to do it like i did back them listen to words then write what you heard.

I was good at that, hell dany freaked out when i sent him the "no more" song his version as my version to sing, he loved it, so now i make it happen.

My first song hoping all turns out will be no more a waysted copy from male to female version, basically it will be a part 2 where the woman replys back to the statements of the song, kinda like a duet but not singing together.

Although i have also written it, to where dany and i could sing it together, if we was closer we would be a band now. I'm here in kc mo he's in canada so makes it hard with how we are doing this project.

I'll up date more as i move along in this challenge.

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