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Amy Peikoff

Don't Let It Go...Unheard


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Amy is a radical for capitalism and free speech, hosting a show discussing News/Politics/Law/Culture from the perspective of Ayn Rand's philosophy, Objectivism

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A collection of news stories that just happen to lend themselves to an alliterative show title. Check out Program Notes at my blog to see what I have planned! Show discussing news, politics and culture from an American Exceptionalist... more

Trump (and his press secretary) saying what should happen to ESPN for Hill's comments; Antifa thugs trying to shut down Shapiro's speech at Berkeley; Net Neutrality rules governing the flow of traffic on the Internet. All are varieties of... more

Sixteen years ago, nineteen religious fanatics committed the worst terrorist attack in world history. To this date we have refused to name the enemy, leaving us vulnerable to more and worse, from enemies both foreign and domestic. Show... more

On today's show we'll look at three types of irrationality on display in the wake of these destructive hurricanes. Is the irrationality more destructive than the hurricanes? Show discussing news, politics and culture from the perspective of... more

In a recent discussion I had on Twitter about DACA, I argued for radically expanding legal immigration and was accused of appealing to emotion. Was I? Or was my interlocutor (and do immigration opponents do so, more... more

Philosopher Ayn Rand was quoted as saying "I am not brave enough to be a coward. I see the consequences too clearly." What have been the consequences of cowardice with respect to North Korea? What might be the consequences... more

More on the aftermath of Charlottesville and what it says about the state of the spirit behind American Exceptionalism. Other topics, too, go to my blog to check out Program Notes for today's show. Show exploring the ideas behind... more

What do the events in Charlottesville--and Americans' reaction to them--say about the state of the American Sense of Life? This and more on today's show. Show discussing news, politics and culture from the perspective of Ayn Rand's... more

Today's show will focus on allaying the fear being stirred up by alarmists--about these issues and others. News about the future of my show will also be announced, so tune in! Show discussing news, politics and culture from an... more