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Ben Solomon's Movie review: The Unbiblical story of Noah

  • Broadcast in The Bible
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  Disclaimer: This show will contain spoilers, as I discuss the movie. For those of you who don't want to know what happens, I suggest that you see the movie before listening to this broadcast or reading the description.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to see the movie "Noah" in theaters. I will discuss some unbiblical themes in that movie. It must be stated that the movie gets you hooked and jumping in yout seat. But the concepts in the movie is not in like with the authentic story of Noah in the Tanakh [Bible]. The movie focus a lot on environmentalism. While it may be true that mistreatment of the environment was one reason why G-d judged the world in the days of the Flood, it is not the only reason. How man treated each other was the main reason. But more importantly, the movie turns the character Noah into a radical environmentalist who was bent on the destruction of the human race. Contrary to how it was portrayed in the movie, there is NO indication that Noah was to decide whether humanity would even be wiped out after the flood or not.  While the movie portrayed Noah as an animal rights activist, according to the book of Breishit [Genesis], after the flood was over, Noah offered up animal sacrifices. While it is true that prior to the Flood, all of G-d's creatures were to be vegetarian [meat eating became permissible after the flood], the Kohanism, the Preistly class among the Israelite tribe of Levi, were commanded to eat the meat from the animal sacrifices. Contrary to how it's portrayed in the movie, there was also NO indication that Noah even thought that humanity was supposed to be exterminated after the Flood. All that was an invention in the movie. Many will dismiss it as creative liscencing for Hollywood. In other words, they'll claim that it was about them making a good movie, even if the concepts in the movie don't line up with the bible. But is there also a leftist agenda behind the movie?