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Why Tag Machir is Chillul Hashem Trash

  • Broadcast in Judaism
The Ben Solomon show

The Ben Solomon show


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  In this episode, I will discuss why the Tag Machir [Price Tag] people are Chillul Hashem [desecration of G-d's name] trash. Many of them dress like religious Jews, with kippot and tzit tzit. Yet they go around attacking innocent people and vandalizing property whenever the Israeli Government carries out policies they don't like. And hate forums like JTF [Jewish Task Force] will accuse any Jew, who denounces them, of being a "kapo" and "self-hating." I find it pathetic how one user even asked Chaim Ben Pesach [Victor Vancier], the ugly racist pig who is the administrator, who I am [if I'm among the list of names who the JTF has issues with]. Of course, I am happy to say that I was banned there because I dared to say the truth about Tag Machir. But this show is not about JTF. JTF is just a perfect example of the hateful mentality that drives the Tag Machir Chillul Hashem trash to do what they do [though JTF claims to neither support or condemn them; they viciously attack anyone who condemns them]. But more importantly, why are the Tag Machir trash such Chillul Hashem trash? I'll tell you why. They look like religious Jews to the outside observor. Yet they don't behave in a G-dly manner. They destroy olive trees and damange people's property whenever they get angry. And they claim to represent the vlaues and the belief system that I endorse, which makes me want to vomit. That's my biggest issue with Tag Machir, even though they're not nearly as bad as the Arab terrorists. And since they do it in the name of serving G-d and in the name of the Jewish people, there is no question that, in addition to being cowards, Tag Machir is chillul Hashem trash.