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Esau and Ishmael: Anti-God rebels

  • Broadcast in Judaism
The Ben Solomon show

The Ben Solomon show


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 I've been reading a book on the spiritual history of Israel from the time of creation to the present day called "This Land is my Land." The book has helped me with my spiritual growth; as I relate my own personal life to what it says. But one of the the conepts I'll talk about is the history of the Roman era and Palestinianism from a spiritual perspective. All the major empires that occupied Israel ruled with another empire, whether it was Babylon [with Eilam] the Persians [with Media]or the Greeks [with Macedonia]. It is also said that Rome ruled with the Arabs. In a sense, that can be so. For Rome represented the lowest of the low in terms of spirituality and godliness. Rome represented Esau. They promoted idolatry and thought that they were invincible with their large empire, thinking that material human wealth and power was the most important thing in the world. Just like the "Palestinians" today, the Romans sought to deny and eliminate the Jewish connection to Israel. According to the book "This land is my Land", the foreskin of an uncircumcised Jewish boy represents the kelipot [obstacles to Godliness] of Ishmael and Esau. Considering all that, is there really any coincidence that before the 2,000 year Diaspora, Rome did all it can to deny the Jewish connection to Israel, and now, when Israel is reestablished, Ishmael, through the scam of "Palestinianism", does all it can to deny the Jewish connection to Israel? Tune in and listen.