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Iran: The Global Terrorist threat

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The Ben Solomon show

The Ben Solomon show


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 In this episode, I talk about Iran being a global terrorist threat. There is no question that the rulers in Iran are all dumber than a bunch of Neanderthals; as the population [especially the younger generation] get killed in the streets for wanting freedom. I'm not advocating a direct invasion of Iran. But it is clear that the Ahmadinejad and the Nazi Ayatollahs want to destroy Israel, America, and the free world. It's clear that giving Islamic Fundamentalist fanatics nuclear weapons is clearly extremely dangerous for the world and is a recipe for an apocalpyptic war. MAD [Mutually Assured Destruction], which kepted the Soviet Union in check, is, to say the [very] least, not guarenteed to keep Iran in check; as the ideology of the Nazi Neanderthals, who run Iran, is a Jihadist ideology, which believes that Muslims who die in Allah's global Jihad against the west, will go to heaven and even get 72 virgins. Muslims, who die in the Jihad against the free world, are seen as heroic martyrs. Can MAD restrain Iran and other Jihadists from using nuclear weapons? Even if Iran doesn't diretly use a nuclear weapon, what about Iran giving nuclear missiles to Hamas, Hezbollah, and other Islamic terrorist groups, which would use them against Israel and against America? Today, I discuss the Iran threat and why it is a threat.

Disclaimer: I know what many of you are thinking. I will strive to do as little as possible to talk about shows on BTR or to talk about the BTR world generally.