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Everyone has a story. What's yours? Join radio host,.author and creativity coach Amy Beth Arkawy for compelling conversations with noted & emerging voices in the arts & pop culture. Listeners are invited to call in & add to the mix of cultural commentary & inspirational advice..

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Amy Beth welcomes fellow msytery author Nanci Rathburn, author of Truth Kills. Nanci discusses her inspiration, influences and writing process. And she may just clue us in on what''s next for this cozy mystery fan turned author. We... more
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Chaos or order? Which is more conducive to creativity? Join certified Clutter Queen Amy Beth for a discussion-fueled by University studies. No, really! Oh, and find out how these findings may help our Inspiration to Action challenge. And... more

Cure your Emmy hangover? Join Amy Beth and Hollywood insider Kristyn Burtt for a robust review of the night's highlights: upsets, snubs, performances and speeches. Oh, and of course, get in touch with your inner Joan Rivers as we... more

"There's a crack in everything; that's how the light gets in."-Leonard Cohen In the wake of the tragic shooting in our nation's capitol, Amy Beth explores the psychological and social pressures that pulsate through our culture: Isolation,... more

Amy Beth welcomes celebrity digital forensic investigator Ed Opperman. The colorful pro who's worked on high profile cases involving Tiger Woods, Ashton Kutcher and Sarah and Todd Palin, has mastered the art of cyber sleuthing. And... more

Why are Americans 12 times more interested in Miley Cyrus than the crisis in Syria? Are we headed for an "Idiocracy?" Amy Beth discusses the social and psychological implications of our dumbed- down culture. And Amy Beth... more

"If you don't like something change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude."-Maya Angelou. As we kick off the fall season, Amy Beth will help you shake things up. If you're in a creative funk get set to change your... more

James Arthur Ray is out of prison and back to his old tricks. After serving less than three years for the deaths of three participants in his deadly sweat lodge Spiritual Warrior Retreat in Arizona in 2009, the self anointed self help guru is... more

Movies and inspiration take the spotlight as Amy Beth talks about Lee Daniels' masterpiece The Butler and Glickman, a documentary--premiering on HBO next week--about legendary sportscaster Marty Glickman. And discover Alice... more

Amy Beth welcomes back fan favorite Dr. Daniela Schreier for psychological insights into some of the summer's hottest criminal trials and public scandals. From the bizarre and riveting Fort Hood Shooter trial, to the intriguing... more

Amy Beth welcomes fellow mystery author Lane Stone, for a cozy conversation about inspiration, influence and the creative process. Lane will clue us in on Domestic Affairs, the latest in her Tiara Investigations series. And Amy Beth &... more