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Featuring Trinity Metaphysical Center and ECRIPT Paranormal Investigators. Join us as we explore various topics from the metaphysical to the paranormal...and beyond!

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Are you extremely afraid of ghosts? Have you ever been in a place so haunted you were petrified? Did you know poltergeists can be violent? Join us as we share stories of the world's most terrifying and frightening hauntings! Have a story to... more

Have you ever encountered a haunted object or an item that was known as unlucky? Do you believe in curses? Join us as we discuss stories of haunted objects, famous items known to be cursed or cause bad luck and superstitions.... more

There are a few hot topics in the news today...the meteor showers this summer, recent UFO sightings and the interest in the subject of UFO's and politics. Have the recent meteor showers affected us in any way? Are sensitives... more

Have you ever wondered who your guardian angel or birth angel is? Do you want to know your animal spirit? Have you ever heard of a guardian faerie? Want to learn how to find out the answers to these questions? Join us as we share fun... more

Once again we sent out feelers to some of our biggest fans as to what burning questions they have. Well they came back in full force and here are the ten we will be covering tonight! Are there any real witches in history that... more

The Trinity Metaphysical 4th Annual Summer Fest has come and gone. If you missed it, no worries, we have your recap here! Come join us as we talk about the fest, the music, vendors, and charaties that were in attendance. Fun fun fun!... more

If you know a skeptic or on the fence about some things, well this is the show for you.We believe in so many things, the list can go on and on. We are not hear to change your minds. We are here to find out why we dont believe. Can't grasp... more

Need to get away or deal with negative energy? A simple smile is the first step for tuening things around and pushing the negative out of your life or keeping it at bay. Or is it a co worker, friend, or family member has such draining energy that... more

Do you think your child is gifted but dont know where to turn? Well help is on the way. Jacqui and the gang have experiance in this and are ready to answer any questions you might have, Are your children scared from what they see, well we... more