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Featuring Trinity Metaphysical Center and ECRIPT Paranormal Investigators. Join us as we explore various topics from the metaphysical to the paranormal...and beyond!

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Have you heard of the Voynich Manuscript or Cocaine Mummies? How about the Bloop or the Baigong Pipes? Did you know there is a hurricane on planet Saturn? On this interesting episode we discuss these happenings and many... more

Join us as we discuss miracles that have come about through energy healing! Learn about various healing modalities, karmic genetics and amazing energy healing experiences . Have a thought or experience to share? Call in #... more

What is an "old soul" and a "new soul"? Do we each have multiple doppelgängers existing in multiple universes? Does seeing crows signify something bad is coming? What is a J'ba Fofi? Join usas we answer these... more

Is a psychic and a mentalist the same thing? Do they both just read minds? Can you learn to become either one? What is the secret behind a mentalist? What technique's do psychics used to enhance their ability? This episode is all about... more

Do you believe in UFO's and aliens? Do you think aliens are already living here on earth? Join us as we discuss the current UFO reality, newly uncovered information and what to expect in the near future. Have a story to share or... more

Have you ever heard of the Black Stick Man or the Bunyip? How about the Human Vampire? Join us as we discuss uncommon and lesser known paranormal entities. Call in number 347-633-9648

Join us for our Paranormal and Metaphysical Q & A! Why are mirrors thought to be portals? What is the difference between being an empath and being clarsentient? When was the first Extraterrestrial Being sighting? What is a... more

So after ann amazing birthday show 2 weeks ago, famed author and extreme haunting survivor Christopher Di Cesare is coming back to the table yet again for more pizza, wine, cake, and also questions from the panel and yourselves.... more

At some point in live, we all have some experiance that has shaped us or changed our path in live.For some of us it was meeting someone else, for others inspiration came in the form of a game. Be it a UFO sighting, near deathe... more