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Join host Annette M for BREAKTHROUGH BONANZA as we start the week embracing the truth of being God's Masterpiece and covering our week in prayer through His promises. God will finish the good works He has started in you, through you and for you!! Today's scripture Ephesians 2:10
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Do you open the closets and feel overwhelmed just thinking about having to find something? Do you have rooms in your house that you just close the door in hopes that when you open it again everything will be tidy and in place? Are you... more

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Is your quality of life not what you desire because of sickness and infirmity? Join 2 Gurlz With A Brush, Boutique of Bling owners Annette Milanowski and Cody Beeson, as they share their... more

Struggling with the actions and words of others? Are you finding you just can't let go? Does your mind replay it day after day? Don't the the offense encase you and keep you from you peace, happiness and joy! Grab a cup of coffee and join... more

Are you longing for that intimate relationship with your spouse? Do you feel like you have done everything you could possible do in your marriage and yet your spouse still acts like they haven't heard a word you said? Join host Annette... more

Doing business in the marketplace isn't just about making another dollar? All the money in the world doesn't afford you a good night sleep. Join host, Annette Milanowski for a powerful segment of Kingdom Entrepreneur, as she walks... more

Has your business plateaued? Working harder and not seeing the fruit of your investment? Discover one of the greatest mistakes business owners make that cause "business crash". Join host Annette Milanowski for today's show of... more

Coffee Chat with Annette ~ Complex topics simplified for living life happy, healthy and prosperous! We are discovering everyday and living the kingdom way! James 3 shares with us about the power of the tongue and the course it will direct in... more

JUST BIRTHPARENTS host Annette Milanowski of 7 Pinnacle Culture Radio, shares on the topic of adoption, in particular that of the birthparent! The journey traveled through the heart of the birthparent can only be found in H.O.P.E.... more

What mask are you wearing today? All the education, personal possessions and busyness and still no peace? Is it time to just quit trying so hard? Join Annette Milanowski for Women of Great Expectation's "Help! I can't find me!" as she... more

Join host and birthmother, Annette Milanowski, as she journeys the road of adoption through the eyes and heart of a birthmother. Through her personal adoption journey as a birthparent and her years of experience in working with... more
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