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Documented-research with 50 years of ***assorted federal Government- Native American program development. *** Construction and real estate experience. ----------------------------- ***Public Volunteer Service--Started CULTURE FOR THE CONFINED" A 1973 Book donation drive for detainees and inmates in the San Francisco County Jail Sheriff Richard Hongisto Administration ***Animal Control-Welfare project for San Francisco Police & San Francisco Health Department. ***Authored first International study of Animal Control "IT'S STILL A DOG'S WORLD" ***San Francisco School District Public Corruption and pedophile investigation involving school board members ***HUD funded non accountability of San Francisco bogus non profit organizations ***Civil Rights violations of senior citizens and military veterans in subsidized housing ***ACLU legal Research & Law student recruitment--Jay Miller Executive Director ***Military Selective Service Counseling ***Nixon administration ography Investigation Hearings San Francisco California ***Two Military Jurisdiction cases law & incident investigative Research ***media experience. Federal Communications--Public Radio Western Public Radio--KALW FM San Francisco Unified School District-- ***1983--Correspondent Australia-New Zealand-Canada-California--KALW FM--Western Public Radio ***AMICUSVERITAS MEDIA ***Specialized Legal Research & Investigations--Federal Program Analyst & Program Developer--International Media Experience--Correspondent PublicRadio--Australia-New Zealand-Canada & the US--Video E Magazine format Amicusveritas ***Youtube--220 to date-- Master blog page http://www.amicusveritas.org/ ***Public corruption watch ***Californians Against Voter Fraud *(*JAWS--Judicial Accountability Watch *** Californians against voter fraud American military poverty law Project Military History Video Project Haight Ashbury Project--AWOL-DESERTERS Military Project Couns

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POLITICAL & MILITARY ANIMALS--Fleet Week 2015 San Francisco New Feature THE REST OF THE STORY political Lexicon Oct 7th Births-Deaths & Events relevant to US(a) Military Music features from the CARSON -VERZOLA Historical Archives
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POLITICAL ANIMALS--POPES & THE Capital Punishment Issue--Julius & ethel Rosenberg Russian Spy Conviction case--execution--Kim Davis--Gay-Lesbian marriage political issue case Was Pope Francis used and deceived by Kim... more

POLITICAL ANIMALS--POPES & BANKERS---Insurers-- Insurance coverage for Pope Francis visit to the US--An estimated couple hundreds of thousand dollars--Coverage was for tens of millions of dollars for such property as Abe... more

POLITICAL ANIMALS--Jesuits--The most powerful religious order in the Roman Catholic Church--the origion of this power--Controversies involving this religious organization Homosexual Predator John Gacy connection to California--Exclusive... more

POLITICAL ANIMALS-The MEDIA POPES of the Roman Catholic Church Pope John Paul 1--reigned 33 days then died mysteriously 9-28- Births-Deaths & Events relevant to US(a) William Paley aka Palevsky--founder of CBS... more

POLITICAL ANIMALS--THE REST OF THE STORY--News & Information ignored -distorted -censored by both corporate & alternative media IS POPE FRANCIS A COPY OF POPE JOHN 23RD? Some of the things the public doesn't know... more

POLITICAL ANIMALS--THE REST OF THE STORY POPE FRANCIS--Climate Change Controversy--Popes are not infalliable in matters of Science--Galileo proved that! More British political leaders Sexual Perversion Charges Prime... more

POLITICAL ANIMALS--Did Obama agree to back Biden for Democratic Presidential nomination? If true did Obama demand the right to chose Biden's VP running mate? OBAMA'S Muslin religion issue--See his Indonesian documents... more

POLITICAL ANIMALS--Carly Fiorina- Presidential Candidate -Her Controversies now emerging Economic Migrants--The Latest flight of middle east and african migrants-- 27 Club--(in)famous Rock Musicians who died at age 27 ***Jimmy... more

POLITICAL ANIMALS--Is Pope Francis politicizing the Roman Catholic Church? Tomas Tprquemada--Political enforcer of the Spanish Inquisition--The Portugese Inquisition was much worse and lasted longer. Napoleon stopped the Inquisition... more

POLIITICAL ANIMALS: President McKinley Assasinated (Princes of Monaco)Grace Kelly died in car crash Canadian History--Both Generals Wolfe(British)--Montcalm(French)Died on the plains of Abraham in... more
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