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Documented-research with 50 years of assorted federal and media experience. Federal Communications--Specialized Legal Research & Investigations--Federal Program Analyst & Program Developer--International Media Experience--Correspondent PublicRadio--Australia-New Zealand-Canada & the US--Video E Magazine format Amicusveritas Youtube--220 to date-- Master blog page Public corruption watch Californians against voter fraud American military poverty law Project Military History Video Project Haight Ashbury Project--AWOL-DESERTERS Military Project Counseling--Viet Nam War San Francisco Health & Police (Animal Control) Department Consulting and Research Project "IT'S Still a Dog's World" Amimals & Ideas --Radio Series Public Service--Pro Bono--Voter Fraud Investigations-Public Advocate/Ombundsman/New Animal Control Program and Facility-Exposed Video Voyeurs-Pedophiles subverting Schools and Student--Protecting Senior Citizens rights in Public and subsidized Housing--Illegal Alien subversion--Exposing Poverty Profiteers researched-produced & hosted for Western Public Radio--KALW FM SAN FRANCISCO SCHOOL DISTRICT- CARSON VERZOLA AUDIO VISUAL PRINT HISTORICAL ARCHIVES Non profit organizations corruption/non accountability Exposure of the Video Voyeurs-- Pedophiles in the schools--Media Morons who lie-distort and omit in their news coverups Our Moto'" San Francisco! California & The Nation is ready for Renaissance-Renewal & Reform

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POLITICAL ANIMALS: Arthur Balfour--British Politician responsible for the origion of the conflict in the Middle East today--The Controversial Balfour Declaration explained. Lawrence of Arabia--British Army officer--Arab sympathizer who... more

POLITICAL ANIMALS President Grover Cleveland & Frances Folsom-- "Ma Ma where's my Pa?--He's in the White House Ha !Ha! Ha!" Republican attack on Grover Cleveland's illegitimite child James Garner... more

POLITICAL ANIMALS Jose Vargas illegal alien scandal--The Pulitizer Prize controversy-- --Audio Interview--Former south American military cadet exposes MS-13 Terroists now involved in this illegal migration of children UPDATE--TWA... more

POLITICAL ANIMALS:1980 Ronald Reagan nominated for President by the Republicans THE VARGAS SCANDAL--Illegal alien gay sexual preferance activist dictates to Americans what he thinks Americans should do for illegal... more

POLITICAL ANIMALS--Bastille Day General & President Charles De Gaulle-- Presidents--Gerald Ford--adopted--original name "KING" jIMMY Carter nominated for President by Democratic Party Conductor Lorin Maazel--New York... more

POLITICAL ANIMALS: Eisenhower nominated by Republicans for President George Norris prarie politician--a real Progressive---Today's are closet communists Alexander Hamilton shot dead in duel with Aaron Burr Vice... more

Political Animals: Hillary Clinton's ghost written book( Harvard Lampoon alleged ghost writer)--Hillary got a million dollar advance for a book that has dropped from $25.00 to about $10.00 at booksellers. ***161,000 copies sold the first... more

POLITICAL ANIMALS Rev. Thomas Hooker--"Father of American Democracy" died 1647 July 7th Births -Deaths & Events relevant to US(a) Gustav Mahler--Greatest symphony composer 19th-20th Century--The Jewish ethnic... more

Political Animals---George Washington wasn't the first President-Who was! The two Presidents who died hours apart on July 4th "The Republic Survives Thomas Jefferson lives" Jefferson died later that same day 7-4-1826 Is July 3rd the... more

Political Animals:President James Garfield (Ohio civil War veteran) assasinated by Charles Guiteau a crazed office seeker. Hillary Clinton's Big lie-"We were almost broke...when we left the white house.. What all presidents and their... more
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