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Documented-research with 50 years of ***assorted federal Government- Native American program development. *** Construction and real estate experience. ----------------------------- ***Public Volunteer Service--Started CULTURE FOR THE CONFINED" A 1973 Book donation drive for detainees and inmates in the San Francisco County Jail Sheriff Richard Hongisto Administration ***Animal Control-Welfare project for San Francisco Police & San Francisco Health Department. ***Authored first International study of Animal Control "IT'S STILL A DOG'S WORLD" ***San Francisco School District Public Corruption and pedophile investigation involving school board members ***HUD funded non accountability of San Francisco bogus non profit organizations ***Civil Rights violations of senior citizens and military veterans in subsidized housing ***ACLU legal Research & Law student recruitment--Jay Miller Executive Director ***Military Selective Service Counseling ***Nixon administration ography Investigation Hearings San Francisco California ***Two Military Jurisdiction cases law & incident investigative Research ***media experience. Federal Communications--Public Radio Western Public Radio--KALW FM San Francisco Unified School District-- ***1983--Correspondent Australia-New Zealand-Canada-California--KALW FM--Western Public Radio ***AMICUSVERITAS MEDIA ***Specialized Legal Research & Investigations--Federal Program Analyst & Program Developer--International Media Experience--Correspondent PublicRadio--Australia-New Zealand-Canada & the US--Video E Magazine format Amicusveritas ***Youtube--220 to date-- Master blog page http://www.amicusveritas.org/ ***Public corruption watch ***Californians Against Voter Fraud *(*JAWS--Judicial Accountability Watch *** Californians against voter fraud American military poverty law Project Military History Video Project Haight Ashbury Project--AWOL-DESERTERS Military Project Couns

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POLITICAL ANIMALS ***How other cities use their Armories to house the homeless and victims of disasters--But not San Francisco a city where ''GRAFT INCORPORATED" personifies its City Hall POLITICAL ANIMALS/THE POLITICAL ANIMALS
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POLITICAL ANIMALS--Is presidential candidate Jeb Bush imitating presidential candidate(1952-1956y) Adali Stevenson? Both Candidates had worn shoes which were publicized? Both Candidates had male relatives who were vice presidents... more

POLITICAL ANIMALS--Ann O'Mera Bernie Sander's wife-- ***Financial scandal involving her presidency of Burlington Vermont College ***Jonathon Sanders--Bernie's son--Vermont Court deposition of financial scandal... more

POLITICAL ANIMALS--Adalai Stevenson 1952-1956 Democratic Party's Twice Presidential Candidate--Loss both times 1952-1956--Audio extract History **Senator Estes Kefauver Senator Mafia Hearings Audi ***President De Gaulle... more

POLITICAL ANIMALS--Ted CRUZ ***Is Republican candidate Ted Cruz imitating Democrat William Jennings Bryan--populist Conservatism agenda? ***Historical audio of Bryan ***Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's... more

POLITICAL ANIMALS--San Francisco Mayor increasingly viewed by political cogosenti as"NERO LEE" **Ed Lee is the current controversial mayor of San Francisco--This is SUPERBOWL 50 Week in San Francisco. However,... more

POLITICAL ANIMALS---Reschedule--Computer crash 1-29-2016--Special Program ***William McKinley--Last American civil war veteran to become President (January 29th birthday) ***Franklin Delano Roosevelt Only 4 Term President... more

POLITICAL ANIMALS--William Howard Taft--Former US President then Chief Justice US Supreme Court ***Hillary Clinton proposing Obama for the US Supreme Court!----Another Clinton Con? ***William Randolph Hearst--Publisher... more

POLITICAL ANIMALS---Charles Curtis--Vice President Herbert Hoover Administration--Curtis was baptized Roman Catholic but converted Methodist ***Corazon Aquino elected President of the Philippines--Widow of Benino... more

POLITICAL ANIMALS ***SUPERBOWL 50--"If you're coming to San Francisco, don't wear flowers in your hair~!" Warnings from experienced San Francisco citizen victims--Don't become a victim~! *(**How to protect your person &... more

POLITICAL ANIMALS--- ***Mahatma Ghandi Assasinated 1948 on this date--Assasination Plot Masterminded by a Homosexual ****Sidney Korshak--Chicago Lawyer connected to the Mafia & Hollywood ***Admiral... more
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