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Americas Deadly Sins

America's Deadly Sins


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What's wrong with America, what we can do to fix it, and what will become of us if we don't.

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OH WOW AMERICA! After another stint in the Polk County Pokey, thanks to the fan of li'l ol me, I am, once again, a free man, and let no sand gather under my feetsies, it's time to get back ON IT! Join us live at five, as we talk about more... more

Have you or anyone you know fell victim to the CPS system or THE system as a whole??? This afternoon at 5:30 central time Lyra K. and Carrie H. will be broadcasting Christopher Bruce's talk show for him! He has been arrested for... more

You know, it's time we just throw together a show real quick, promo the hell out of it...and just talk about life over the last week, and let's get it on, ok? I mean, what fun is life, if you can't just be...SPONTANEOUS ABOUT SHIT, RIGHT?... more

All right folks, now here's a little somepin' differnt....America's Deadly Sins, live at.........10??? Join us tonight for an emergency broadcast by Pachi Rydah, of Tupac's old cru, as we call for Immediate unification to execute THEIR (and... more

Live at 5, joins us with Baby LK (Patrick Rafferty), Jill Connor and, quite possibly, Angelia Borths, as we discuss medicating children in state care! IT DOESN'T GET ANY DEEPER THAN THIS! DATE: 1/14/2016, THURSDAY. TIME: 5 P.M.... more

You know, I was gonna go for a real triumphant return off of my micro-vacation from online radio....but I think I'll just rant...for about 2 FRIGGIN' LONG AND TORTUROUS HOURS; as we discuss traitorous beings, trolls, agents, corrupt... more

Well folks, I suppose I was just too much for WINNINC to handle, so it's back under my OWN banner I go. Join us today as we see the return of the Bruce to his own show, and boy what a show it is! Today we join several patriots and... more

Join us for just 4....4....four more shows of America's Deadly Sins! Since Blogtalk won't accept a partial payment, and I have the whole month...I guess I don't see any harm in doing just 4 MORE SHOWS. I just couldn't see depriving you cold... more

Today...is a special day. Yes folks, this may just be a day for the history books...for today is the day we discuss...the plan. What's that you say? Read about it...ask me for the link. I'd be happy to provide you with all you need. Then... more

Well, I THOUGHT I wasn't doing the show for a whole week...but a young man who has barely been here any time at all in our facebook circles leapt in to save me from ruin. By the time I got up and running again...after thinking... more