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Welcome to American White History Month Radio where White Heritage is celebrated. The 'left' and other 'progressives' would have you think that we are racist simply because we are proud of our heritage and wish to be afforded the same rights as others in the display of that pride. Every race has the right to be proud of their heritage and display that pride proudly. For too long, white people have been reverse-discriminated against and have not been allowed to show outward pride of their heritage without being labeled 'racist.' American White History Month Radio will discuss growing white racial inequality and seek to educate people about the mounting danger of race wars and discrimination. Please join your host, James Royster, for candid, robust, open and uncensored discussions about why we formed American White History Month and how you can get involved in the great and noble cause!

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THIS WILL BE AN EVENING YOU WON'T SOON FORGET! If you are a fan of legendary singer/songwriters such as Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard and others like them, then join me, James Royster, your Host and the Voice of the American White History Month Radio Talk Show this Sunday evening at 7pm CST, as we are so very proud and honored to have one of our Nation's most respected and outstanding PATRIOTIC County and Western music recording stars right here with us on the show! Creed Fisher is easily one of the most refreshing, outlaw artists that this nation has heard in a long time. His signature vocals and one-of-a-kind songwriting skills have made him one of the most popular recording artists in our country - and he's going to be with us on the show! From the Southern Rock single, ‘Guitar Man' to the tender ballad ‘Come And Hold Me', he's won fans of all genres. Now, with the VIRAL RELEASE of his latest smash, hit single, "When You Come To Take Mine", Creed Fisher takes patriotism and patriotic, southern-rock style country to a whole new level. You CANNOT listen to this new single without checking afterwards to make sure Old Glory is hanging high and proud in your yard! The entire show will be an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH CREED FISHER, when we'll play many of his biggest hits with Creed telling the story behind each of the songs! THIS WILL BE A CALL IN SHOW SO CALL (347) 637-3768 TO TALK DIRECTLY TO CREED FISHER! Ask Creed your questions, commend him for such great work and commitment to the 2nd Amendment and American Freedom. Folks, this isn't just the same old tsired song And dance that's being passed off as Country on your radio dial. YOU CAN WATCH THE "WHEN YOU COME TO TAKE MINE" VIDEO HERE: and LEARN ABOUT CREED FISHER HERE:
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Welcome to American White History Month Radio Talk Show - where White Heritage is Celebrated. Gather up your Family, Friends and those close to your lives and join us this Sunday evening from 7-9pm CST when we will be... more