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American White History Month

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Welcome to American White History Month Radio where White Heritage is celebrated. The 'left' and other 'progressives' would have you think that we are racist simply because we are proud of our heritage and wish to be afforded the same rights as others in the display of that pride. Every race has the right to be proud of their heritage and display that pride proudly. For too long, white people have been reverse-discriminated against and have not been allowed to show outward pride of their heritage without being labeled 'racist.' American White History Month Radio will discuss growing white racial inequality and seek to educate people about the mounting danger of race wars and discrimination.

On-Demand Episodes

'Today' is nothing more than a product of our 'Past Decisions' - a 'Looking Glass' of sorts; The images it reflects are filled with the decisions of our past and are 100% constructed using only materials harvested from the consequences of our... more

On Thursday 8th October at 12 noon CT (7 pm SA time) we will visit with Cornelia de Wet. Her court case is due any day now and she, and her children, are suffering immense harrassment from the powers that be. This story is the TRUE... more

On Thursday 1st October at 1 pm CT (8 pm SA time) we will have a wide ranging discussion with 2 South African lawyers. We will discuss the impact of the BBBEE laws, the state of the legal system and much, much more

On Thursday 17th September at 1 pm CT (8 pm SA time) our guest will be Henri le Riche. Henri is a 16th Century French descendent from Huguenots who fled for their lives to South Africa, after being persecuted for their beliefs. Belongs... more

On Thursday 10th September at 12 noon CT (7pm SA time) we will have as our guest Jean Kriek, Gauteng Youth Leader for Freedom Front Plus. He is also a member of the South African Youth Parliament, he has been in politics for about... more

On Thursday 3rd September at 12 noon CT (7 pm SA time) we will talk with Nico Sagnelli of South African Family Relief Project. Nico will give us an update on the terrible state of the white squatter camps and what is being done about them

On Thursday 27th August at 12 noon CT (7 pm SA time) we will chat with Schalk about the BBBEE laws and their effect of the average white South African. Schalk has a wealth of insight into current affairs in South Africa so this is a "do... more

On Thursday August 20th at 12.00 noon CT (7 pm SA time) we will have Cornelia de Wet discussing her arrest and incarceration. Cornelia De Wet became a South African political prisoner and victim of misrepresentation who was placed in... more

On Thursday 6th August at 1 pm CT (8 pm SA time) we will speak with Jason Schuler about the state of white informal settlements in South Africa - how people got there - how they survive there and what can be done to help. Born in... more

On Thursday 30th July at 7 pm CT (2 am SA time) out guest will be Kenn of DailyKenn.com. Kenn is a staunch supporter of the white South African cause and blogs almost daily on the atrocities suffered by these poor folk. We will discuss... more