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Welcome to American White History Month Radio where White Heritage is celebrated. The 'left' and other 'progressives' would have you think that we are racist simply because we are proud of our heritage and wish to be afforded the same rights as others in the display of that pride. Every race has the right to be proud of their heritage and display that pride proudly. For too long, white people have been reverse-discriminated against and have not been allowed to show outward pride of their heritage without being labeled 'racist.' American White History Month Radio will discuss growing white racial inequality and seek to educate people about the mounting danger of race wars and discrimination. Please join your host, James Royster, for candid, robust, open and uncensored discussions about why we formed American White History Month and how you can get involved in the great and noble cause!

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DO NOT MISS this particular show if you DEMAND to be fully INFORMED and PROTECTED against the Ebola virus - and our current Administration. There are many serious questions that MUST be asked - and answered - when it comes to... more

Our show this Sunday evening will prove to be an eye-opening and enlightening one, as we take on one of the biggest problems facing our country today - Illegal Immigration and the aiding and abetting of that illegal immigration by our current... more

Welcome to the American White History Month's 'Tech Talk For Dummies' Radio Show. This evenings discussion will focus, mainly, on a very popular topic 'Tips and Tricks to Speed Up Your Internet Connection'. On the show this... more

You don't want to miss the show this evening, Folks, as we will be debating the Liberal Left progressive groups. We will also have a few great guests joining us, as well, so grab your family and your friends and get ready for The Great... more

WE ARE ASKING PEOPLE TO CALL (347) 637-3768 AND INTELLIGENTLY DEBATE WITH US ON OUR SHOW THIS SUNDAY (9/21/14). We have a very special evening lined up and planned for you on this show because we are going... more

We've all experienced those nagging, sometimes heart-wrenching problems, with our computers and, to be honest, getting those problems resolved can be labor-intensive, frustrating and downright expensive. THIS IS A CALL-IN... more

Welcome to American White History Month Radio Talk Show - where White Heritage is Celebrated. Gather up your Family, Friends and those close to your lives and join us this Sunday evening from 7-9pm CST when we will be... more

Folks, we've all heard about ISIS and their threats against the United States of America, it's citizens and to our way of life and Western Civilization. To them and to other Radical Muslim groups, we are the 'Infidels', worthy of nothing less... more

Listen in as Austin Collins, James Royster, and a possible special guest along with other callers discuss possible race riots all across the USA. It's time we look at reality people. The leftists love to sell stories at the cost of others lives. A... more