Time Out on Corporate Welfare aka Welfare for Billionaires

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* * Attention Florida Taxpayers * *

The City of Orlando, Orange County and State of Florida continue to Victimize the hard working residents of Central Florida.

The "Elected Bank Robbers" of Orlando and Orange County, FL. are once getting ready to write a check from OUR bank account and hand it over to their polticial friends. AND...At the same time, they are wasting $500,000 making plans to increase our taxes via:

  • TOLL TAXES to go into downtown Orlando
  • TOLL TAXES on SR 50 - Colonial Drive
  • TOLL TAXES on SR 436 - Semoran Blvd.

Does the City of Orlando Need or Want a Major League Soccer Stadium?  Can the City of Orlando afford another unfunded venue? 


Timeout on Welfare for Billionaires - aka Sports Stadiums!

Timeout on More Toll Taxes!

  • Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs is just another RINO that supports Corporate Welfare - Welfare or Billionaires. 
  • Contact Mayor Jacobs
  • --Phone 407-836-7370
  • --Fax 407-836-7360
  • --Email Mayor@ocfl.net
  • Orange County Commissioners:
  • Phone 407-836-7350
  • Fax 407-836-5879
  • District1@ocfl.net  Scott Boyd
  • District2@ocfl.net  Fred Brummer
  • District3@ocfl.net  Pete Clark
  • District4@ocfl.net  Jennifer Thompson
  • District5@ocfl.net  Ted Edwards
  • District6@ocfl.net  Tiffany Moore Russell
  • Orange County Website http://orangecountyfl.net/?tabid=375

More Toll Taxes for Orlando




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