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Illegal Immigration-Amnesty + 911 = Fall of USA

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U.S.A. Has Fallen.  Liberty and Freedom have Died

If the LEGAL American People can stop their denial and be honest with themselves, they will have to admit that the Unites States of America has already fallen. 

I know...Tough Words.  But it is the truth and here is why I say this:

  • Fact - The Constitution ot the U.S.A. has been shredded by those who swore to uphold it and while the American people sat on the sidelines trusting those in public office.
  • There is no Rule of Law and illegal immigration is the proof.
  • America has been invaded by anti-American Hispanics, anti-American Islamists, anti-American asians, etc etc etc.  Americans opened the door and basically said, come in and take it!
  • Core American values no longer exist.  While the majority of Americans have moral values, most Americans are too timid, weak and afraid to defend the United States of America.
  • America has been for sale for many years, but most Americans were too busy watching the Superbowl or the World Series and getting drunk. 
  • Decline of core values means the averaga every American is for sale. Scumbag politicians assume powers not given to them and sell of the American people like a herd of Sheeple. We the People = We the Sheeple.
  • America has been slowly, silently converted to socialism/communism. Thus, the determination to disarm the American people.
  • Political Parties are corrupt and divide the nation.
  • GOP-POG promotes communism for years via the Bush family.
  • GOP-POG is promoting the fall of the U.S.A. by continuing to support the liberal progressive agenda of socialists like Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush.
  • The DNC is promoting the fall us the U.S.A. by slavery of the lower and working class. The promote dependency instead of empowerment.