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The GOP-RNC Reelects King Obama - Ron Paul Revolution Now

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How the GOP-RNC Reelected King Obama

  • How did a ineligible American, anti-American, Sharia loving Muslim get to be President of the U.S.A. in 2008 and then reelected in 2012 to become King and take down the republic of the U.S.A.?   We must answer this question if we expect to restore our Constitution and take back our Republic.

  • The GOP-RNC is a culture of corruption void of any moral values or loyalty to the United States of America. I cannot explain why the GOP-RNC was so intent on Mitt Romney being their presidential candidate?  What was their true intention here?  Why was the GOP-RNC intent on John McCain as their candidate in 2008?  The only logically conclusion is corruption and the destruction of the U.S.A. The GOP-RNC needs to be abolished. All political parties need to be abolished. All Americans must demand the right to vote in all elections. We can never take back our Republic if we cannot take back our vote.

  • The unethical, immoral and corrupt actions of the GOP-RNC reelected King Obama. List of actions to be discussed.

Ron Paul Revolution is NOW!

  • King Obama will be the final act of destruction of the U.S.A. if the American People continue to surrender their rights to the politicians and political parties. We must be willing to surround Washington, DC and remove every traitor from public office.

  • Americans must be Americans and nothing but Americans. We must be united as one people.

  • America must get back to her organic Constitution. American Patriots that believe in our organic Constitution liberty, limited government as defined by our Founding Fathers. American Patriots must unite as one with the Ron Paul Revolution Patriots to save our Republic.