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===American Statesman Round Table Reminders=== March 18-20, Tampa, FL. , Save America Convention. American Statesman BTR will be there. ===GOOOH Work Session=== April 4th, Orlando, FL. American Statesman BTR will be there. ===Today's Topics=== 1) Tyranny on the Florida Toll Roads If you thought the toll taxes in FL were a scam, what do you think about the tyranny on FL toll roads. Motorists illegally detained if they pay cash with a bill larger than a $10. This is more proof of how out-of-control our government has become. Then FL DOT tries to cover it up. Can you say unconstitutional and corruption? Here is the link: 2)It is time for the "No Party Affiliation TEA Party" == New facebook group created by Sally Baptiste. If you agree that we need to shutdown the corrupt political parties, please join this group. We need to work together to clean-up the ballot box. We can clean-up the ballot box. We can take back our vote. Stay tuned.....More to come. 3) Wisconsin Legislature circumvents the MIA Democrat Senators - Let's talk about what really happened here. After three weeks, the WI Republican Senators felt like they had waited long enough for their fellow Senators to stop playing games and show-up for work. The WI Republican Senators used a legislative maneuver to approve changes to the collective-bargaining measures for state employees without the 14 AWOL Senators by simply removed the fiscal measures from the bill which allowed the bill to be approved Was the process hi-jacked? Was it the right thing to do? ==== 4) Should there be a Government Shutdown and More Reasons to Repeal ObamaCare Should there be a Gov shutdown to demand that the $10 billion hidden appropriations in ObamaCare are removed? How is this legal? More reasons why ObamaCare must be repealed. 5) ===Election 2012 - Let's Speculate=== Who will be the GOP candidate? How can they defeat President Obama?
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