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American Statesman in 2011 - GOP in 2011 Business as Usual?

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American Statesman

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Goal for American Statesman BTR in 2011 - The goal for American Statesman is to share information about the issues facing the U.S.A. and to allow an open forum that is not controlled by any political party or special interest. In the year 2011 American Statesman BTR will read and discuss our Constitution in detail. Most Americans have simply entrusted the elected public servants to abide by our Constitution, but that is not the case. The actions of our government are a direct reflection of the attitude and culture of us. We get the government we deserve. American voter needs to 1) demand the 112th Congress to adhere to our Constitution and 2) elect “Statesmen/Stateswomen” not “Politicians”. American Statesman will also acknowledge public servants that truly are “American Statesman”. More details to come. =====The Constitution of the United States of America in 2011==== American Statesman will read and discuss the Preamble of our Constitution. In case you do not have a copy of the Constitution of the United States, here is a link to it. http://archives.gov/exhibits/charters/constitution.html =====The 112th Congress – Business as Usual?==== GOP Maintains Status-Quo? Will the GOP really change the “culture of corruption” that currently exists in Washington, D.C.? For example, should the GOP appoint any Representative or Senator to a chairmanship when they are under investigation? Will the GOP implement controls that will not allow the unethical practice of attaching one bill with another as a means to “back-door” passage? Will the GOP continue to pander to lobbyist on the hill? If not, what are they going to do to limit in undue influence of lobbyists? Will the GOP be aggressive in restoring our liberties and reducing the unethical use of Executive orders? Will the GOP be aggressive in restoring the rights of the states? TEA Partiers need to pay close attention. Actions speak much louder than words.