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The American Variety Network owned and hosted by Alex Cardinale a 22 year old American aims to bring some variety to everyone in America and around the world! There will be cooking and baking shows featuring some delicious American Recipes and a variety of recipes from around the world, In Your Face talk shows where I will discuss things I want you to hear, WWE shows for all the Wrestling fans I'll cover everything WWE, Movie reviews, tragedy shows where I will discuss the historic tragedies and more! If you're a new listener, I invite you to sit back and listen to my show and if you like it please follow my show here. Have a nice day and thanks for visiting and hope to see you listen!

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Hurricane Katrina will always be remembered by Americans as one of the worst Natural Weather related disasters and tragedies. Over 1,830 people would lose their lives in this awful Hurricane as well as over 100 people are still missing here in 2015. Not only that, but builidings and homes and such were all ruined and destroyed. One good example, was Six Flags New Orleans which was growing so popular that before the Hurricane Six Flags was getting ready to announce a new water park! Six Flags New Orleans was completley wiped out due to the Hurricane! On this show, CIA Alex Cardinale will be discussing Hurricane Katrina and everything you need to know! Plus we will hear from 2 Hurricane Katrina survivors on the show!
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Have you ever wanted to ask the Coco Crazy Italian American AKA CIA Alex Cardinale a question? Or questions? But did not know how! Well, ladies and gentleman NOW you can! The American Variety Network and In Your Face Talk... more

This time when a guest no shows, it turns out to be a dissappointing show!

WWE Zone Radio is back on American Variety Network!!! Alex is looking forward to doing some WWE shows as WWE is one of his favorite things to watch on TV! This Sunday on Pay Per View and WWE Network will be doing their Montly Pay... more

What happened to the American Variety Network? How come Alex has not broadcasted a show in over 3 weeks? Is everything ok? These are some of the questions you the listeners have sent forward in emails to me and I truly... more