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Alex Cardinale has NOW been a podcaster for 3 years! Alex Cardinale now hosts the American Variety Network, a show for all the hard working Americans out there! There are WWE wrestling shows, tropical fish keeping shows, movie review shows, talk shows, cooking shows, and more! Why not become a listener? You will enjoy the shows as Alex puts a ton of hard work and dedication into each show just for YOU!

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It's Time to Do the Crime.... and by that I mean it's time to LEARN about different crimes. Each and every episode I am going to inform you about some of the most famous and horrific crimes and tell you all about them. If you love Crime shows, this may be one you will enjoy I hope. I am going to debut this show with a serial killer to close to home for my comfort... should I say a SPRINGFIELD MA SERIAL KILLER. I WAS BORNED AND RAISED AND STILL LIVE IN SPRINGFIELD MA. Our criminal for this show is Alfred Gaynor, a man who killed and Raped 9 women in the 1990's.
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Aqua Alex has just recently bought fish from both online fish store and his local fish store. He bought all saltwater fish. In 2016, there are tons of places to buy our tropical fish from for both Saltwater and Freshwater. For most hobbyists, buying... more

Welcome to the first Superbowl post-time show! Congrats to the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning for winning the Superbowl!!! This is the Superbowl 50 Post-time show LIVE on American Variety Network. I really enjoyed Superbowl... more

Welcome to the very first Superbowl half time show here on American Variety Network!!! It's Superbowl 50, the 50th anniversary of the Superbowl!!! This year, the Carolina Panthers (17-1) return to the Superbowl for the first time in 12... more

It's Saturday and that means it's time for some fun! Alex loves having fun on Saturdays and I love hosting podcasts. So this is a win for me because I have fun and this is a win for you because it will be a good listen and you should also... more

On Alex's Reviews, I will be reviewing all sorts of things.... Restaurant reviews some LIVE on Location, fish stores, and just about anything you could imagine. I love to review things if you can't tell! I figured to start this show, I'd review the 2... more

I am a big fan of Carib-Sea ™ I use their products for my Saltwater Aquarium! I have Life rock in everyone single saltwater aquarium I own! Plus, I also use their other awesome products such as Arag Alive Sand!!! It is... more

Ladies and gentleman, I Alex Cardinale am proud to welcome you to Saturday LIVE! With Alex Cardinale! This will be a fun talk show similar to that of Saturday Night LIVE, The Daily Show, and other shows on TV except it will be on RADIO!... more

Fires are certainly something we all fear. I know I don't ever want my house to catch on fire or anyone of my listeners to ever have to experience a fire. Unfornately, fires happen everyday and some of them can turn out to be very... more

I may be childish but even at the age of 22 years old, I still LOVE Finding Nemo! I find myself watching it over and over again! It may be because I am saltwater fish keeper or just because I love fish! But, I know you and your kids have watched... more