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AmericanMuslim360 Premium Channel is about Islam and being Muslim in American. AmericanMuslim360 has programing space available for Muslims who wish to host their own show. AM360 goal is to become a Network Channel in 2013, creating the AmericanMuslim360 Network Channel broadcasting an Islamic focused, 24/7 Muslim hosted Internet radio. If you wish to be a part of this progressive Community Life building effort, then host or move your show to AM360 Premium Channel. Connect Thomas Abdul-Salaam at for details. Programing needs : Muslimah2Muslimah, Finance, Education, Economic Development, Brother2Brother, Youth, Music/Hip-Hop, Sports, News, Entertainment, Weather, Fashion, Business2Business, Social Issues, Politics, Movie Reviews, Arts, Stock Market, Islamic History, Hadith, Quran, Prophet Muhammad, Imam Warith Deen Mohammed, Jumah, Arabic, Taleem, How-to shows, and more. Contact Thomas Abdul-Salaam, Executive Producer, if you wish to host, advertise, and/or become a sponsor at or

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Inside the Quran, Islamic Thinkers, Scholars, & Entrepreneurship 1st HOUR: Inside the Quran M.A.L.I. offers online Qur'anic Arabic classes. The classes conducted through Web Conferencing and Conference Phone call. We teach... more
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Islamic Dialog, Conversations, Discussions & Interviews: 1st HOUR: Let's Talk where guest from every spectrum of persons connected, socially, politically and otherwise drop by to mix it up with host Thomas Abdul-Salaam aka Twin... more

Spotlight, Clear Thinking & When We Were Men: 1st HOUR: Spotlight is hosted by Najmah53 Radio Personality, Promotional genius, spoken word artist, known for her honesty & bluntness. She spits honest truth, from her heart. She is... more

The Voices of Muslim Women Wednesday Edition is hosted by charismatic and knowledgeable Muslim women who are experts in their field. The Pearls of Women, hosted by Sister Ni'mat Shaheed is a professional host and radio... more

Islam on Marriages, Quran, & Government feature Sister Shaneka X and Brother Abdul-Latif presenting guest and topics on Marriage & Relationships. Imam Qasim Ahmed of the Islamic Learning Institute offers Rational Thinking on the Quran... more

Imam Warith Deen Mohammed & The Sacred Life Project. Listen to pre-recoreded leactures, talks, and interviews with and by Imam Wairth Deen Mohammed (ra) every Tuesday morning brought to you by Bilalian Speaks. Then... more

Community Leadership and Administration is the heart and infrastructure of Community Life. Thomas Abdul-Salaam aka Twin Servant of Peace will speak on the spirit of Shuuraa Baynahum (Sura 42:38). Shura is more than decision... more

Health N Black, Nutrition, & Fearless Fierce Fisabilillah 1st HOUR: Health In The Black Community will focus on the myriad of health issue connected to bring "Black in America" in the age of Obama and national health reform. Hosted by... more

Islamic Studies 101 and Muslimah Reality Focus on Ramadan: Brother Abdul-Muhaymin Jawad is a well thoughtout Islamic instructor for those who are new learners and those who have advance knowledge all will find Jawad... more

Muslim Vibe: Two hour with Muslim Vibe hosted by Imam Nadim Ali and Mansour Ansari are two brothers who are seaoned, well informed and ready to speak words directed toward the truth.

The Adair Affair and The Grass Roots Project First, The Adair Affair (@TheAdairAffair) with host Khalfani Adair (@TripleDair) ( A talk show hosted by Khalfani Adair... more
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