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Jumah: Imam Siddeeq Jihad Chicago IL

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Jumah: Imam Siddeeq Jihad Chicago IL is this weeks obligated congregational services of Muslims.  Topic:Taqwaaa & The Arabic Qur'aan

[62:10] O you who believe! when the call is made for Prayer on Friday, hasten to the remembrance of Allah, and leave off all business. That is better for you, if you only knew.

[62:11] And when the Prayer is finished, then disperse in the land and seek of Allah’s grace, and remember Allah much, that you may prosper.


But when they see some merchandise or some amusement, they break for it, and leave you standing. Say, ‘That which is with Allah is better than amusement and merchandise, and Allah is the Best Provider.’

Imam W. Deen Mohammed’s Endorsing Comments www.siddeeqjihad.com   I want to bring to our attention an achievement, a publication.... The book is called The Language of Revelation. It is by a brother that I have known to be dedicated and devoted to the study of Qur’aanic Arabic and the teaching of that subject to our students and to grown-ups as well. And that is brother Siddeeq Jihad. I highly recommend this book,... to improve your ability to read the Qur’aan...  I’m grateful to Allah for students and scholars like our brother, Siddeeq Jihad. Congratulations, my brother! Sun., 7-6-08, Markham, Il &