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American Italian Radio (AIR) is a weekly, 60 minute show each Wed. at 8pm. The motto, “You’re on the AIR”, plays on the name of American Italian Radio. Contrary to the familiar phrasing “Italian American”, the show puts America first, yet highlights a strong focus on the Italian culture and traditions which molds and influences all of us. Each week the hosts talk to a guest of American Italian heritage. The show is programed with one guest for each show, and for the hosts to drive conversations along 3 main themes; The Now – The Traditions – The New. Seasonality will drive specific shows, especially during holidays and traditional family events such as Christenings, weddings, and of course funerals. Listeners will be encouraged to write chat messages into the show to engage the hosts and the guests

On-Demand Episodes

Tony Sangimino is ranked 2 in the world in his Judo weight class. He talks about what it takes to be a champion and how he is pointing to the next Olympics. Being Italian American has helped him prepare mentally and physically for the grueling... more

How an Italian-American from Yonkers found happiness, kept alive her Italian American Heritage, and thrives in Seattle. Patricia Vaccarino met her Italian American husband in Seattle, is active in cultural efforts and runs a thriving... more

Executive Chef to Mayor Giuliani, Anna Maria brought her Neapolitan culinary repertoire to Gracie Mansion. Her success at Gracie Mansion can be gauged by the praise she received from Mayor Giuliani, who presented her with the New... more

Everyone has a motivating or ?X Factor?; uncover it and gain alignment for greater success in sales and business. By learning a process to determine someone's buying motivation, you can hone your skills and consistently beat... more

American Italian Radio is about the experiences past, present and future of Americans of Italian extraction the millions of others who love its culture, foods, and accomplshments.Today's guest is Frank Scafidi, a first generation... more

Ray Faiola, Director, Audience Services at CBS Television Network, talks about Italian Americans in movies. Ray produces sound track albums of famous movies at Chelsea Rialto Studios and he shares his exptertise with us today.Find out... more

Join us as we catch up with Frank Santorsola, lover of good food and great stories! Frank Santorsola is a former Chief of Dectectives for Westchester County and Private Security for Emeril Lagasse, Frank will talk about his life, career... more