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Weekly radio shows from well-known writers for the national news weekly American Free Press.

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Soft-spoken yet extremely hard-hitting, Deanna Spingola is one of the most popular independent voices in the alternative media today. Her radio broadcasts have been ?must? listening for truth seekers around the world, and her... more
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AMERICAN FREE PRESS's Bilderberg team updates the newspaper's editor's from outside of London, England.

AFP reporter Keith Johnson talks about the private prison industry and the recent convictions of two Pennsylvania judges who were involved in a "Kids for Cash" scheme.

Today, AFP Roving Editor and new Bilderberg sleuth Mark Anderson discusses Bilderberg 2013 on the eve of AFP's on-the-spot coverage of this elite gathering in England. Global taxation is among the topics.

AMERICAN FREE PRESS Bookstore manager Olga Belinskaya discusses the recently updated online store and highlights four new titles, The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains, STARVING THE MONKEYS: Fight Back... more

AFP reporter Keith Johnson talks with Charles E. Carlson of "We Hold These Truths" about U.S. taxpayer dollars being invested in Israeli junk bonds and the overall effect of Christian Zionism on American foreign policy.

Dave Gahary interviews Steven Hernandez, whose daughter, Andrea, was booted out of a San Antonio school for challenging the school's RFID micro-chipping project for student IDs. Texas politics prevented giving parents the choice on... more

AFP Roving Editor Mark Anderson welcomes several guests on today's show. During the first interview, Mark speaks with John Devine of Canada who, with his son, Mark, has been fighting back against the destruction of a family business... more

AMERICAN FREE PRESS newspapers editors and reporters discuss the weeks top stories. Jim Traficant, Mike Piper, Pete Papaherakles, Chris Petherick & Dave Gahary are scheduled.

AMERICAN FREE PRESS reporter Victor Thorn interviews Texe Marrs on his latest book, Robot Alchemy.

Dave Gahary interviews Phil Tourney, survivor of Israel's horrific attack on the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967, and the author of What I Saw That Day.