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americandailyreview.com was created in 2008 to provide an established, well-edited, search engine and optimized alternative outlet for conservative Judeo-Christian political commentators, Internet talk radio hosts and writers to reach and share a much larger audience via the pixilated word. In 2009 the website was augmented by a broadcast arm, and American Daily Review The Podcast was born. Currently co-hosted by Jim “JASmius” Sondergeld (Hard Starboard Radio), Douglas V. Gibbs, and Jennifer Crawford (jensgyrations.blogspot.com), American Daily Review has risen from that humble beginning to become a featured podcast of Blog Talk Radio and a part of the growing Political Pistachio media empire, immediately preceding the flagship Constitution Radio program on KCAA AM-1050/kcaaradio.com at 2PM Pacific time on Saturdays, and soon, beyond. Thank you for listening to American Daily Review. We offer political, economic, social, and religious news, analysis and commentary each and every week. We invite you to tune in, enjoy, and call in and join the counter-counterculture conversation that heralds the retaking of America by the people who truly believe in it.

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Welcome to the pre-game show for Constitution Radio on the Political Pistachio Radio Network through our new flagship station, KMET AM 1490 Smart Talk Radio! Hang on every word of Blog Talk Radio titans Doug Gibbs (Constitution Radio) and JASmius (Hard Starboard Radio) plus Alex Ferguson (conservativecannonade.org) as they show Donk-occupied America what a REAL triple-threat looks and sounds like.
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Did you hear about the Michigan Massacre? Neither does anybody else outside the Russian Federation. Did you know the private sector is doing "just fine"? Neither does anybody else outside the Obama White House. Did you know... more

Tomorrow would have been the 77th birthday of JASmius' late mother, Mariel Sondergeld. As Hard Starboard Radio's benevolent despot is elsewhere this soggy Saturday, we pay our respects by revisiting the eulogy he delivered, five... more

Crazy Nancy conflates her extremist legislative shopping list with constitutional scholarship (again); Mayor McCheese declares war on the Big Gulp; House Donks miss a golden opportunity to "pull a Clinton" on Speaker Boehner &... more

Did you know that Barack Obama is the most frugal president E-VAH? No, you did not - and neither does he; Alabama tells the UN and Agenda 21 to piss off, and doesn't take two thousand-plus pages to do it; and Kansas moves itself... more

No, MItt Romney wasn't an aggressive, homophobic hairdresser, but the WaPo hopes you won't notice; adjudicating the Decalogue into the Sexalogue; Obama finally apes Reagan for real, except he's arming the wrong rebels; was The One... more

Red Barry....(1) lays the groundwork for his dictatorship to come, (2) composites his fantasy woman, (3) comes out of the glass closet and embraces state recognition of the same kind of relationship between members of the same... more

Two women fight over a million bucks in free money - welcome to the Age of Obama; join us in shelebrating [hic] Drinko de Mayo; Junior Seau takes himself out, permanently; and the Path of The One ends in Afghanistan, where... more

Oregon engages in environmentalist cannibalism; If a Newt drops out of a presidential campaign in a forest and there's nobody to notice, does he make a sound?; North Korea threatens to bury Seoul under and avalance of regurgitated... more

From the Rose City of Portland, Oregon, JASmius joins Doug Gibbs in marking the final descent of Dick Clark's ball, the tiresomely predictable legislative fate of the White House's Buffet Rule campaign stunt, the inevitable uptick in Taliban... more

Rub ADR, and it starts getting bigger - ten, count 'em TEN "Big Stories" for Constitution Radio on KCAA 1050 this afternoon at 5PM Eastern/2PM Pacific: Rick Santorum finally sees the light, Ozzie Guillen panders to the wrong... more