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americandailyreview.com was created in 2008 to provide an established, well-edited, search engine and optimized alternative outlet for conservative Judeo-Christian political commentators, Internet talk radio hosts and writers to reach and share a much larger audience via the pixilated word. In 2009 the website was augmented by a broadcast arm, and American Daily Review The Podcast was born. Currently co-hosted by Jim “JASmius” Sondergeld (Hard Starboard Radio), Douglas V. Gibbs, and Jennifer Crawford (jensgyrations.blogspot.com), American Daily Review has risen from that humble beginning to become a featured podcast of Blog Talk Radio and a part of the growing Political Pistachio media empire, immediately preceding the flagship Constitution Radio program on KCAA AM-1050/kcaaradio.com at 2PM Pacific time on Saturdays, and soon, beyond. Thank you for listening to American Daily Review. We offer political, economic, social, and religious news, analysis and commentary each and every week. We invite you to tune in, enjoy, and call in and join the counter-counterculture conversation that heralds the retaking of America by the people who truly believe in it.

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Welcome to the pre-game show for Constitution Radio on the Political Pistachio Radio Network through our new flagship station, KMET AM 1490 Smart Talk Radio! Hang on every word of Blog Talk Radio titans Doug Gibbs (Constitution Radio) and JASmius (Hard Starboard Radio) plus Alex Ferguson (conservativecannonade.org) as they show Donk-occupied America what a REAL triple-threat looks and sounds like.
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Five consequences of America's moral collapse; The character assassination of Murrieta, California Mayor Harry Ramos; Franklin Graham calls cutting off all Muslim immigration while Seattle builds houses for them; What leftwingnuts... more

While jihadist shoots up Chattanooga, Obama celebrates Ramadan; "Doug's seen fire and Doug's seen rain"....just this morning; The New Horizons probe confirms that Pluto is a Mickey Mouse planetoid; The VA scandal's death toll reaches... more

Constitution Corner: Revolutionary traitors; The Supreme Court slays the First Amendment; Here come the ObamaCare death panels, right on schedule; Is the Twenty-First Century Cures Act worse than the bureaucratic disease or just part... more

Greece defaults, and the world doesn't end; when America defaults, that'll be a different story; Bush and Trump, Peter King is the only Republican not running for president, Berniemania!, the New York Times fears Scott Walker, The Francis... more

We, the Sheeple; Americans rebelling against Obama's "housing diversity"; Murrieta, California, the city that's faking it; White House accelerating Obamnesty as more illegals pour in; TPA rises from the dead; Sol influences... more

Constitution Corner: Free trade with other nations; Dallas shooter James Boulware was "courageous and brave"?; HillaryHillaryHillaryHillaryHillaryHillaryHillary; Marilyn Mosby still scheming; Ashton Carter: "The Iraqi 'army' sucks at... more

Another Barack Obama Potemkin "invasion" of Iraq; D-Day: 71 years (and one week) later; 28 years (and a day) after "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"; Josh Duggar, no relation to Dirk Diggler?; Barack Obama brings us Border Crisis:... more

Constitution Corner: Nullification; Bob Schieffer's media bubble of existential cloture; VA official admits system turning veterans into drug addicts; GOP donors' wallets slamming shut on Rand Paul's fundraising appeals; In British Columbia,... more

Constitution Corner: Overriding vetoes; Rand Paul emphatically demonstrates that he is, after all, his father's son; Senate GOP backing plan to extend ObamaCare subsidies...in exchange for gutting ObamaCare itself; Of course: Unions seek... more