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Sarah Palin depicts herself as Sweet Penelope Pitstop before the eeeevil McCain campaign, thus doing what nobody else ever could: destroy the legend of Saracuda - conveniently right in time for her 2014 Senate campaign, because her legions of fanboys (and girls) will snarf the fraud she's become right down, too, kind of like Grizzly steaks; Eric Snowden is "rewarded" with political asylum in Russia for spending 39 days in a Moscow airport men's room - or, in other words, he's a cheap date; Yes, Mayor Filthy McNastypants needs anti-harassment training to know not to display Denobulan sexual mores in close proximity to employees he'd prefer work commando style - and, amazingly, the San Diego city council did not agree; La Clinton Nostra is outraged!  OUTRAGED! that Team Weiner would compare Hung Tony's pixels to Sick Willie's pearl necklaces and Huma's lack of accomplishments to Hillary's....lack of accomplishments; and why has O closed 22 embassies around the planet after some al Qaeda-oid sneezed?  Ramadan, of course.  Really.  No foolin'.  Pinky swear on my prayer rug.

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