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americandailyreview.com was created in 2008 to provide an established, well-edited, search engine and optimized alternative outlet for conservative Judeo-Christian political commentators, Internet talk radio hosts and writers to reach and share a much larger audience via the pixilated word. In 2009 the website was augmented by a broadcast arm, and American Daily Review The Podcast was born. Currently co-hosted by Jim “JASmius” Sondergeld (Hard Starboard Radio), Douglas V. Gibbs, and Jennifer Crawford (jensgyrations.blogspot.com), American Daily Review has risen from that humble beginning to become a featured podcast of Blog Talk Radio and a part of the growing Political Pistachio media empire, immediately preceding the flagship Constitution Radio program on KCAA AM-1050/kcaaradio.com at 2PM Pacific time on Saturdays, and soon, beyond. Thank you for listening to American Daily Review. We offer political, economic, social, and religious news, analysis and commentary each and every week. We invite you to tune in, enjoy, and call in and join the counter-counterculture conversation that heralds the retaking of America by the people who truly believe in it.

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Welcome to the pre-game show for Constitution Radio on the Political Pistachio Radio Network through our new flagship station, KMET AM 1490 Smart Talk Radio! Hang on every word of Blog Talk Radio titans Doug Gibbs (Constitution Radio) and JASmius (Hard Starboard Radio) plus Alex Ferguson (conservativecannonade.org) as they show Donk-occupied America what a REAL triple-threat sounds like.
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Budgeting is supposed to begin with constitutional federal spending; Criminal investigations of Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton are expanding; Federal appellate court sides with States on Obamnesty; The ObamaCare death... more

By God's grace and blessing, the University of Redlands football team sucks this season, so this is the final Saturday that Constitution Radio will be preempted by KMET 1490-AM for that gridironed dreck. Fortunately, we've managed to... more

Is an Article V convention even possible?; Our institutions of higher leftwingnut, totalitarian insanity; Fred Thompson, R.I.P.; House Speaker Paul Ryan is sounding very un-Boehner-esque; Obama embrace of Castroioid Cuba... more

That's right, that's right, it's my birthday, it's my birthday. Beats me why I want to celebrate 'em anymore, I've had so damned many of them. But it did get me a free Red Robin burger the other day, it'll get me a free Denny's Grand... more

The Tytler Cycle, what the heck it is, and where 2015 America is on that continuum; Monster Hurricane Patricia plows into Mexico, but it could have been much, much worse; The Republican civil war for the Speakership and how Paul... more

Doug Gibbs (author, constitutional instructor, publisher, public speaker, American Freedom Alliance fellow, director of the Center For The Study Of The United States Constitution, AM radio co-host, and all around man with way too... more

Welcome to the pre-game show for Constitution Radio on the Political Pistachio Radio Network through our new flagship station, KMET AM 1490 Smart Talk Radio....except for today, when Constitution Radio is once again preempted by... more

Citzens United was NOT about policy; By 2-1, Americans still support Planned Parenthood, and nearly 70% oppose a government shutdown to "defund" it; Another day, another wave of classified Hillary Clinton emails as her fundraising... more

The youngsters are always the ones the political minds are seeking. The Democrats have always been very good at brainwashing the young skulls full of mush that are the newest voters. The GOP hasn't done jack crap to reach the... more