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Stay in the know about new episodes and updates. was created in 2008 to provide an established, well-edited, search engine and optimized alternative outlet for conservative Judeo-Christian political commentators, Internet talk radio hosts and writers to reach and share a much larger audience via the pixilated word. In 2009 the website was augmented by a broadcast arm, and American Daily Review The Podcast was born. Currently co-hosted by Jim “JASmius” Sondergeld (Hard Starboard Radio), Douglas V. Gibbs, and Jennifer Crawford (, American Daily Review has risen from that humble beginning to become a featured podcast of Blog Talk Radio and a part of the growing Political Pistachio media empire, immediately preceding the flagship Constitution Radio program on KCAA AM-1050/ at 2PM Pacific time on Saturdays, and soon, beyond. Thank you for listening to American Daily Review. We offer political, economic, social, and religious news, analysis and commentary each and every week. We invite you to tune in, enjoy, and call in and join the counter-counterculture conversation that heralds the retaking of America by the people who truly believe in it.

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Student suspended for saying 'bless you' after classmate sneezes - now if she'd said, "Allah bless you," everything would have been fine; San Bernardino, California police officer shot, wounded, suspect killed; Soros, and the ?criminal politics? political agenda behind Rick Perry indictment; The Islamic State is rising, and coming to a neighborhood near you; plus the weekly Jennifer APB and why goading President Relentless Pursuit into Syria would be ordering up another quagmire.

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"Chury, it makes your teeth turn green; Chury, it tastes like gasoline"; "Iselle and Julio, spinning on the sea; barreling right down on Hawaii"; Immigrants, criminals, invading army. . . or just Ebola?; "The operating assumption of [the American... more

Remember when the media tried to make Sarah Palin look like a moron? Louisiana GOP congressional candidate Lenar Whitney saved them the effort; "A toothless act of institutional impotence, far more symbolic as that than as a... more

Appreciating the Murrieta Border Patrol agents who stood with their neighbors instead of their King; Senate Dems unanimously vote for blanket, mandatory, taxpayer-funded fetuside "for the children"; Senate Democrats run out of middle... more

Justice Department launches criminal probe of missing IRS emails - or "Red Barry's Fine Art Of Delay, Chapter Ten Billion & Three"; Amnesty forces may finally have gone too far; Hamas compels Israel to invade Gaza, compelling the... more

Polar vortices overrun the (not) man-warmed globe (or "Summer breeze makes me feel cold"); Orwellian Obama's White House will see no arrests, but Lois Lerner might; The ObamaCare Cataclysm rolls mightily on; and in hour #2 of... more

Just think, ADR Nation, we knew Doug Gibbs "back when" - which guarantees us all interview slots on an "E!" biographical retrospective special in the not too distant future. At least Hard Starboard Radio scooped One America News, Fox... more

ISIS, the terrorists that even scare al-Qaeda; The IRS, like the rest of the Obama Regime, fears no one; Wisconsin Governor and future POTUS Scott Walker not charged, after public announcement he would be; Found! Bush's Weapons of... more

"I didn't get a tie for Father's Day, but I did gain ten more pounds"; Kindergartners led in celebration of homosexuality; The true identity of the Las Vegas cop-killers; U.S. wins first match in FIFA World Cup, and Paris Hilton celebrates by sucking... more

White liberal woman goes to Haiti to prove black violence against white women in that Caribbean nation is a myth - white liberal woman gets violently raped by black man - white liberal woman blames George W. Bush (or an unreasonable,... more