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American Pilgrim Today

God and the American Story


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God has shown His hand in the history of the United States as He has with no other nation but one. Our forefathers were very much aware of God's provident role in our nation's welfare (not the nanny-state programs of today)and also of their own responsibility and accountability to God. Today, our nation seems to have lost sight of our ancestral vision. We need to reccover our predecessors' vision of God if we are to seriously hope to preserve our heritage for generations to come, and to save our own generation.

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A lot of critics of the traditional report of the Amreican story complain that the traditionalists are stretching the evidence to make it look like Christian values are the foundation to this nation. The American Pilgrim Today takes a good look at... more

The Amreican story is stuffed with individualists. These are not necessarily "loners". Most of the truly effective individualists have been well ensconsed in their societies. But, boy, do they show their unique colors for all to see! The... more

The manmade theories on the nature of history have three common flaws: they are fatalistic in their underlying premises; they are mechanistic in their explanations of the course in human events, and they omit or even deny the... more

The way we view the nature of history dictates the way we study that subject. The world has developed a lot of ways to study history, some of the more prevalent viewpoints in our society being listed here. Then we will be introduced... more

The host looks back at memories of Christmas over a lifetime,. concentrating on the impressions from her formative years.

We take a closer look at Santa Claus in the American culture, to try to track down how he has been transformed from the faithful representative of the generosity of the Christmas season, into the idol of the cult of "Gimme".

Santa Claus, in his current form, is a classically American phenomenon. His actual origins, his development into the American holiday icon that many adults also adore, and the implications of these developing situations -- all of this... more

Lots of people in America, generally called atheists, are insisting more and more stridently that there is no God.. But that may not be the worst of it -- there are a lot more people, deliberately or unwittingly, trying to use God to their own... more