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Christian Identity, Pro-White anti-Talmudic teachings and sermons by Pastor Eli James, the "Aryan Warrior," founder of the Church of the Restoration of True (White, Caucasian) Israel and owner of, a Christian Identity website. CI teaches that the Jews are impostors who are only pretending to be Israel. In reality, they are Canaanites, Edomites and Khazars, who have been impersonating True Israel for over two thousand years. Only the Caucasian people fit the marks of Biblical Israel. Today: the Marks of Israel, proving that the jooz are impostors and that only Caucasians qualify as Israelites

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WOW! WE HAVE A TWO OUR EXTRAVAGANZA TODAY! Rod Martin welcomes ANN host Robert Lloyd of 'Rickin' the Music World' for a Christmas show of all Christmas shows! A beautiful presentation centered on "Christmas in the Third... more

Susie will play an interview that she did of Dr. Lyle Rossiter, who wrote the book The Liberal Mind. Dr. Rossiter will talk about how the Liberal mind thinks and even an average Liberal still believes that we should take away from those that... more

December 21, 2013 A World View Panel Discussion (NOTE - WE APOLOGIZE FOR THE INTERNET FLUTTER FOR THE FIRST 3 MINUTES) ?It's the Culture Stupid – How did we get here and what do we do about it?? In a very... more

Jesus Was Not a Jew, Part 2: A CI explanation of the difference between Edomite Jews versus the descendnats of Judah in the days of Christ, showing that the Sephardic Jews are a non-Iseraelite people who began impersonating Judah... more

December 20, 2013 A Conversation with John Kaminski John Kaminski is a prolific writer who understands the Jewish Question. His recent essay, ?The Hitler Test? has been highly regarded and discussed throughout the Movement. In... more

We willl be discussing the murder of General Patton. Who was behind it and why was he hated. What was his relationship with Eisenhower? There is a book out there by Robert Wilcox that s some light on to the mystery.

December 18, 2013 Part 3 (Conclusion) NSDAP -Discipline, Order, & Ethics, from original Texts In this edition of World View Foundations we conclude our 3-Part Series on Discipline, Order, and Ethics advocated and enacted by the NSDAP... more

Susie did an interview of 'Vance' on 9-17-2009 about William Dudley Pelley. Mr. Pelly lived from 1890 to 1965. His career began as a successful journalist and author but when he began investigating 'The Jews and Communism.'... more

December 14, 2013 The Carolyn (Kahant) Yeager Problem Rodney responds to Ms. Kahant (Yeager) Show Carolyn Yeager (Kahant) has self-declared herself the Roland Freisler of the Movement Is she morally qualified? Is she merely a... more

Today's show will be the first in a series explaining the fundamental beliefs of Christian Identity, showing the how the Jews are NOT the Israel of the Bible but impostors pretending to be Israel. First episode: Jesus Was NOT a Jew.