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Field Marshall Paul von Hindenburg, A Career

In this inaugural broadcast of World View Foundations, the life and career of Field Marshall Paul von Hindenburg will be reviewed.

Field Marshall von Hindenburg is portrayed by “Court Historians” as a senile old man who surrendered Germany to the evil Hitler and Nazis.  This is false and an insult to a great Aryan whose career spanned the Foundations of the German Nation, he was present as a young Lieutenant at the official proclamation of the German Reich in 1871, he served in the Franco Prussian war and thus had the distinction of having been an officer under Bismarck and Wilhelm I through the end of the German Monarchy.  Hindenburg actually retired before the Great War and was recalled to service by Wilhelm II and became the hero of the Battle of Tannenberg and exposed the Jewish “Stab in the back after the loss on 1918 and became the first elected President of Germany in 1925.

As President, von Hindenburg appointed Adolf Hitler as Chancellor in a Coalition NSDAP-Nationalist Government on January 30, 1933.  Hindenburg died in August 1934 and was succeeded by Hitler. 

Several myths will be debunked:

Hindenburg approved of Operation Hummingbird – The Night of the Long Knives

Hitler referred to von Hindenburg as “The Old gentlemen until the end of his “Hitler’s life”

Hindenburg retained control of several facets of Government until his death in August 1934, including the Reichswehr, the German Army.

Modern Germany’s disgraceful treatment of von Hindenburg while honoring his Leftist predecessor Ebert. 

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