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April 18, 2014 SPECIAL 2-HOUR BROADCAST COMMEMORATION OF ADOLF HITLER'S 125TH BIRTHDAY This Special Broadcast will include Commentary, Music and reflections by those who lived in the Third Reich, as... more
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90@9 ANN's PANEL DISCUSSIONS Traitor Glenn Miller, his Promoters & the need for a Knight of the Long Knives Panelists Rodney Martin,Scott Roberts,David Baillie,David Jones,Chris Borsella, Reinhard Traitor Glenn Miller's shooting of 3... more

Tonight we will be discussing the documentary Overdose The Next Financial Crisis. How our town was effected by it.

April 16, 2014 Tonight's news topics: -- Muslim terror in France; with rapes and beatings rampant all across the country, and lacking the right to speak out lest they be prosecuted by the government, French natives no longer feel safe... more

Episode 3 Siegfried is joined by the ANN's own Christopher Borsella and David Jones for a discussion on their own worldview and perhaps much more! Phones line are open.

April 15, 2014 Axis Communique with David & Chris This week, David and Chris compare and contrast the economic policies of the NSDAP with today's Green Party, and then also get into a general exploration of various political and... more

April 14, 2014 A Talk with Coen Vermaak -- Leader of the Boerestaat Party Tonight I have the honor of speaking with Mr. Coen Vermaak, the leader of the Boerestaat Party ("Boer State" Party) of South Africa. Tonight we will broach a... more

Christian Identity, Pro-White anti-Talmudic teachings and sermons by Pastor Eli James, the "Aryan Warrior," founder of the Church of the Restoration of True (White, Caucasian) Israel and owner of, a Christian... more

April 11, 2014 C.J.'s Special Dedication Episode (Classic Pop) Songs featured in this broadcast: "Tenting Tonight" by the 97th Regimental String Band, "I'll Be Seeing You" (Frank Sinatra), "You're the Cream in My Coffee" and "Happy Days... more

April 11, 2014 A Conversation with Sebastian Ronin Effective Activism vs. Ineffective Activism & Good Propaganda vs. Bad Propaganda Sebastian Ronin is President of the Renaissance Party of North America-Canada On this edition... more

Tonight we will be discussing the burial mounds found all over the U.S. that show the existence of inhabitants over 20 thousand years ago. What's up with all these bigger than normal skeletons in some case huge skeletons found in many... more