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Ancient Jewish supremacist assassinations
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Ancient assassinations by Jewish supremacists

Jim and Joe Rizoli talking about what been going on in their lives and world issues that effect us all.

The Hashashin and the Ninjas--more Jewish supremacist creations

January 27, 2015 Ellyn & Vince call like it is, no holds barred. Whether it's the Jewish Cabal or the Black & Brown on White Crime that the Jew media says doesn't exist or Family issues, Ellyn & Vince brings you the truth with maybe... more

January 27, 2015 - SPECIAL REBROADCAST THIS WEEK AS WE UPGRADE EQUIPMENT The Atlantic Axis is a radio show promoting the efforts of British Nationalists and featuring related Nationalist news stories coming out of the... more

Kings Templars and the Jewish supremacist factor

Host Gary Johnson takes a down to earth approach to the serious issues of the day. Standing up for the White Working Class and our People, Gary Johnson goes "Off the Beaten Path" on behalf of Our People and Our Children's Future.... more

Knights Templar and the Jewish Supremacist factor

January 25, 2015 A Conversation with Austin Collins THE JEWS OF AMERICAN WHITE HISTORY MONTH / AWHM EXPOSE THEMSELVES Rodney Martin welcomes back Austin Collins (formally an Admin of American White History... more

For the first episode of British Racialist Resistance, the host, Jack Renshaw, has a discussion with the controversial blogger known as "cigpapers". Cigpapers is known for his "Multiculturalism Is Genocide" campaign and for being outspoken... more