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Medieval Upheaval, A Catalogue of Bloody European Evils

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Europeans are some of the most violent people that ever walked the planet. During their immediate past, torture was widespread. Mob violence, typical. Whole towns burned to the ground. Rule breakers were hanged, their bodies suspended from trees as vivid reminders of the type of punishment awaiting insubordinate persons. Once men, women and children were hanged, relic seekers collected their fingers, toes and hairs for medicines and as trophies. Birds picked over whatever remained of these poor souls whose vertical resting place offered no peace. Approaching passersby turned their heads away to keep from seeing human flesh decaying and wasting away.


In more recent times, Europe’s children - the so-called white Americans - burned black towns to the ground, murdering innocent black residents. Coolly, they tortured and then dangled lifeless black bodies from trees, carrying away penises and fingers as trophies. Currently, we witness the blood of black children, women and men puddling rural and city streets of America. It’s not surprising that Europe’s children repeat the cruel blood rituals of their parents. What’s surprising is that so few of us have connected the dots.


If we are casual readers of history, we probably don’t know how psychotic Europe’s story is. And we don’t realize just how many medieval European laws and customs are practiced today. We can’t connect the dots from the past to the present.  In fact, we don’t know that the past lurks within the present.


The Squad & Sheshet Kemet discuss Medieval Upheaval, A Catalogue of Bloody European Evils.


However much white lies are used to harm black people, their truth will set us free. Let’s go in. Sunday, October 25. 1030p. Black African Power.