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The Arab and Middle Eastern Journalists Association (AMEJA) is a non-profit organization for media professionals of Arab and Middle Eastern descent.

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The Arab and Middle Eastern Journalists Association (AMEJA), presents an exclusive conversation with Nahal Toosi, AP reporter currently in Abbottabad, Pakistan. Join AMEJA for a webcast conversation and Q&A Nahal Toosi--... more

After over two weeks, the audacious people's revolt against the Mubarak regime in Egypt seemed to be coming to a head. Despite a combination of brutal measures against demonstrators, proposed concessions by the government... more

Egypt has seen its share of popular protests over the past few decades. Yet, only in the past week have demonstrations enveloped the country, threatening the basis of Hosni Mubarak's thirty year rule. The implications for regime change in... more

After decades of rule under Ben Ali, Tunisians have ousted their government. Join experts and AMEJA members in Tunisia for a in-depth analysis of events and a look ahead for Tunisia and the Arab world. Joining us will be Anthony... more

The post-election turmoil in Iran has hardened the determination of various sides. Responding to massive opposition protests, the regime and its supporters have cracked down hard, with arrests, beatings, and killings. Despite admissions of... more

AFTER THE VOTE: THE GROUND SHIFTS IN IRAN Sponsored by the Arab and Middle Eastern Journalist Association (AMEJA) June 19, 2009 -- In the wake of last week's election, events in Iran are moving quickly: allegations of... more

After the supposed ceasfire in Gaza, reporters discuss the situation on the ground and the aftermath of the Israeli offensive.

Eighteen days after starting its military offensive into Gaza, Israel continues to bar most international journalists from entering the territory. Without access, journalists are unable to fully report the stories of devastation in Gaza. To... more
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