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We friends that discuss topics that you won't hear on any other news source. Tonight we are discussing should Disney Parks have the right to track us while we are on the Disney Property and hook are credit information to the wristbands?... more

We are discussing interesting news that is related to gaming . We will be discussing new games that are coming out. Interesting facts about Minecraft. Would you ever use Minecraft in school to help students to learn skills? Is it... more

Small change to the episode. I'm sorry for the little change to the episode. Since 2012 has past I thought it was fitting for us to look about on 2012. We will be reflecting back on the things that happened to us as well as the show. We will... more

We are going to be discussing some tech news. There is interesting things happening with Facebook which I mentioned last episode. There is other tech topics everyone should be aware of. Something you will find out may... more

We are going to be discussing and settng the record straight with rumors that have been coming up in the toku and Power Ranger fandoms. We are going to discussing what the possibly of the rumors being true. Listen in and decided for... more

Our topic of the day is facebook security and what people may not be aware of. What is the best ways to protect yourself online. Please join us five days week. Frodo is the tech news guy. Alison is the brains of the operation. LaShanna and... more

We are disucssing some tech news and what anti-virus software is better to use. Please join us five days week. Frodo is the tech news guy. Alison is the brains of the operation. LaShanna and Heather aren't afraid to say what they feel. Jen... more

Join us Monday-Friday when we talk about interesting news stories that will have say what.. We are five cool and interesting people. We like to have a great time talking about interesting news stories. more

We had some great episodes where we discussed random topics that were really interesting. more

Please join amcpress everyday Monday- Friday. We aren't afraid to speak our mind. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and so much more. We are all very unique people we had the chance to interview J. Michael Briggs. He did win the... more
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