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The end is here how are you prepared to meet it? This Ministry will help prepare you for whats about to take place in this world. We are a online church.

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Human Parasites

This is Part 2 of Prophecy Fulfilled, The bible has informed us of a power that has been raised up by the dragon to bring about a Order that will bring on the Mark of The Beast, and whoever doesn't receive this mark they will not be able to buy,... more

Prophecy Fulfilled pt 1

  • by AmcMinistries
The 4 beasts vision of Daniel chapter 7 are commonly explained as follows: Lion = Babylonian Empire Bear = Medo-Persian Empire Leopard = Greek Empire ?Daniel spake and said, I saw in my vision by night, and, behold, thefour winds... more

Millions today are in doubt, disoriented, off course, not sure where they are going or why, and uncertain morally and spiritually. Many feel that they are caught up in some bewildering conflict, almost as though the rebellion were in the very... more
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