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Amber Kelly

Ase! Ase! Ase!


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The Result of The Elections. How do you feel about the results and how do you think the results of the elections will effect your life and plans for the future.

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The new movie "The Butler" how things have changed or stayed the same in the lives of black people.

The new pope is from Argentina. Thank God because I wasn't ready for the politics of the nation hahahhaha if he were African. We are having too much problems with Obama. Too bad but that is the kind of world we live in. Oh, and... more

At my age being comfortable is important in everything I do. I had my years (even though I didn't become a millionaire) of struggle and I mean I paid heavy cost and took some risky chances on my dreams and passions. I think differently... more

You promised to protect the middle class and the poor. You signed something that can change the destiny of a lot of people in a very negative way. Why did you sign the squister? Now, if you would do that, what else would you do. The... more

All acronyms are interchangeable and sometimes a word is just a WORD (without real definition) I want to make a comment on the word "Ase" in which I (Amber Kelly) present it. the usage of the word is subjective to the person using it and... more

Dr. Victoria Johnson "When There Are No More Tears A Buddist Love Story" Love It. It's about relationships. Here's my point of view because I'm unable to give it on Wed. Ase

How do you think this is going to work out with congress trying to cut programs etc. before allowing taxes to be raised on the wealthy. Do you think that Obama is going to stick to his guns. I rathr go off the cliff for a while than negotiate with... more

I will discuss briefly about what I'm hearing about same sex marriages. I want to mention how most churches respond to it and how feel about that. I feel life will be a better place if we all would mind our own business and pay attention to... more

This segment will be welcoming my new audience and briefly telling them about myself and what the show is about. Asking for opinions from the audience to call in and be their own voice and in return I will have a comment and then I... more

I will talk about where we are now in the elections and will open forum up to anyone that wants to join me on their own views. There will be no right or wrong view points. You will be yourself and how you feel without being put down. Your... more
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