Great Line up this Week!

by Ambassador

 - Tue, Feb 12 2008

Hello all!

We had a great show last night on current events!  Find out just how close the banking industry is to an implosion, discover the air car being made in India that goes 125 miles per load and costs only $3.00 to travel that far!

That's right, this care TRAVELS ON COMPRESSED AIR, and can get up to 70 MPH!  It is the most environmentally friendly alternative yet discovered -- yet it is being introduced first in INDIA by an INDIAN car maker [Tata motors}, NOT Detroit.

Also, the technology has been used successfully on Indian buses since the year 2000 -- YET US CORPORATE PROPAGANDA MEDIA HASN'T REPORTED THIS STORY!  The only western news coverage has come from the BBC.

Listen to the archives for a blockbuster show you aren't going to want to miss!

Tonight, we are going to have another in our e-currency series, showing you how the strange world of the internet's alternative payment systems works -- and we may have a big announcement!

Wednesday, if plans go well, we will be interviewing a Costa Rican lawyer for some legal facts you are going to need to know if you want to relocate to this beautiful country.

On Thursday, we are going to have another show on alternative health.  I may have as many as 3 guests, and if that works out, we will have a lively show indeed.

And on Friday, we have part 4 of our Harmony of the Gospels series.  If you aren't listening to these shows, you just can't understand what your Bible is trying to tell you in many instances.

Each show brings you startling new facts and insights you won't hear anywhere else.  You need to learn what the message brought by the ORIGINAL AMBASSADOR FOR WORLD PEACE WAS!

So stay tuned for a GREAT WEEK of hard hitting information you simply can't get anywehre else!


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