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Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio™ believes in giving voice to those afflicted with the memory loss and their care partners while empowering them to live purpose filled lives. Our goal is to raise awareness, give hope, and share the real everyday life of living with dementia. We look forward to you joining us for great conversation, learning, and laughter as we maneuver this roller coaster called memory loss. About our Host – Lori La Bey: Memory loss has been part of Lori’s life for over 30 years, ever since her Mother starting having problems. Lori’s Mom was in her end stages of Alzheimer’s disease for 4 years and passed away in 2014. This journey has taught her much and has changed her life. Lori is an international force shifting our dementia care culture around the world. She speaks and trains on Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, caregiving and collaboration. You can reach Lori via her resource website:

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Open Mic On Alzheimer's Speaks Radio - Come Cheer in the New Year with us. Tell us about your 2014, and what you would like to see in 2015. Let your voice be heard. Join the conversation! Before another year slips by us, we would love to hear from you. What did you struggle with this year? What are you grateful for? How has dementia impacted you and your family? What are you doing to raise awareness of the disease or what would you like to see happen in 2015? We all know the dementia can be a gift or a disaster. How have you been dealing with the disease? What stories would you like to share that may have a lessen for someone else dealing with the disease? Here on Alzheimer's Speaks Radio we believe it's ok to feel a variety of emotions and we want to be a safe place for people to share and support one another. We want to encourage everyone to have honest conversations about living with the disease,not as it. Call in at (714) 364-4757 or use the chat box to talk with us. Remember your voice is just as important as the next person. Together, we can make a difference to improve our dementia care culture. Looking for a great gift for someone with dementia? Check out Alzheimer's Music Connect for a variety of gifts. For more information and resource on dementia and caregiving go to Alzheimer's Speaks Resource Center.
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