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Alternative Thinking

Alternative Thinking


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In this show Jeremy interview's the world's top professionals in health, the supernatural, and the mysteries of life. Jeremy is the author of, 'The Power of the Mind: How I Beat OCD' & 'The Solution: Learn How to Truly Beat Stress & Anxiety'. He is also a professional speaker on the power of the mind and shows his audience where stress & anxiety truly come from while unveiling the myths associated with both. But most importantly he shows you how to overcome anxiety in a way that you thought was not possible. For more info on Jeremy please visit: www.jeremybennett.ca

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The Rendlesham Forest incident is the name given to a series of reported sightings of UFOs and the alleged landing of a craft in Rendlesham Forest, Suffolf, England in December, 1980. In this episode Jeremy interivews wintess... more

ASK YOURSELF... Is there a natural cure for cancer? Are pharmaceutical companies supressing cures because there is too much money to be made? Can food actually cure cancer? Today on the show we have Education... more

ASK YOURSELF... Do you suffer with anxiety? Do you suffer with depression? Were you told it was a chemical imbalance? Are pharmaceuticals harmful to take while experiencing anxiety or depression? Today on Aternative Thinking we... more

ASK YOURSELF... Are UFOs for real? Is there a government cover-up? Did aliens crash land at Roswell? Join Jeremy as he interviews world renowned UFO expert, Nick Pope. Author, journalist and TV personality Nick Pope used to run... more

ASK YOURSELF... What happens when we die? Are ghosts real? Do aliens exist? In this episode Jeremy interviews world renwoned Parapsychologist (some who studies the supernatural), Loyd Auerbach. Loyd Auerbach, M.S.... more

ASK YOURSELF... Do you want to know what actually happened in the house that the blockbuster movie, The Conjuring is based upon? Do you want to know who the spirits were that occupied the Rhode Island farm house in the 1970's.... more

ASK YOURSELF... Do you have high blood pressure? Do you or your child have ADHD? Are you unsure about the drugs you're taking? Today's guest is Dr. George Grant. Dr. Grant... was a senior consultant for Health Canada, the FDA,... more