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This is a critical time to be in prayer for America. The biblical principles upon which our country was founded are coming under attack in every segment of society. Yet despite this troubling trend we can take heart in the knowledge that... more

I've been banned from the shout-box on a Christian fellowship site because I got tired of listening to all their petty secular remarks and I started talking about Jesus and questioning their relationship with our Lord and savior.

Sam Johnson teaching from the book of John, chapter 4; the Samaritan Woman. Music by Susie Luchsinger, "The Windmill."

Call in live talk, join us and open a topic or talk to us about past episodes of "Silencing Christians" Note that Sam will not be able to make the show tonight but his son Kenneth will stand in for him. I am looking forward to taking calls... more

Can our voices, as small as they may seem, make a difference? We will look at some of Ann Coulter's viewpoints on what is happening today to Christians in the United States, California's seventh graders being force-fed the Muslim religion in... more

Let's take a look at Brittany McComb, the high school valedictorian that had her microphone shut off by the school officials for reciting John 3:16 and mentioning the Son of God in her 2006 graduation speech.

This episode we will talk about how our freedom of religion is being taken away from us as Christians. We will take a look at the Philly 11, a ministry called Repent America, were arrested for hate crimes when the sang, "Blessed be the... more

Today we are going to look at religion in schools as we look at a seventh grade class textbook that is being used by the California public schools system.

Are our rights to freedom and religion being taken away from us in the USA?