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Tonight, Live from the AltCon Studios, Virginia Kruta (@VAKruta) joins me for a special #CommonSense. Our guest this evening is May Golan (@GolanMay) from Tel Aviv, Israel with an update on what is happening there, how the people of... more

Apparently, smoking pot is a far worse offense than beating a woman; at least the NFL thinks so. Mickey White joins us this evening to discuss the double standards and messed up priorities in the NFL surrounding the Ray Rice suspension.... more

A conversation with Fox News hostess and author Katie Pavlich about, well, the ladies. We will talk about her new book, Assault and Flattery, that exposes the truth about the left's War on Women. And then an update on Israel, a look at... more

TONIGHT!! A Special Getting Hammered! Our friend, GI Jenn joins us, and a special anonymous guest, for an inside look at the inner working of the VA and why they are so messed up. We all know about the waiting lists, but we have... more

Current global political crises all have one thing in common: border problems. Whether it's the United States/Mexican border (or, as Nancy Pelosi calls it, the unnatural community divider), the Russia/Ukraine border, or the Israeli borders... more

What's happening in Israel and where is our fearless leader? How completely screwed up is the border? And let's not forget the ?possible tragedy? that is the Malaysian Flight! Is Obama asleep at the wheel? Has the most powerful nation... more

An interview with Nick Adams, Aussie author of American Boomerang. John Kerry's dumb tweet of the week. Rick Perry's surprise move and why Rand Paul doesn't like it. And his unfortunate response to it. I honestly expected better of... more

TONIGHT!! #GettingHammered is BACK!! With...none other than Stevie J West!!! Yes, she has graciously agreed to keep Hammy in check and ensure the listeners are not subjected to his endless diatribes...this will be a battle! Hammy... more

Ever wondered what the world would look like if Conservatives could get it together and actually win? Kurt Schlicter, Army Colonel, author, and Twitter champion extraordinaire - will be joining us to discuss his new book,... more