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The Red Whine with Jodi and Di - April 1, 2015 First of all Thank you for making us the #1 show on Altcon radio. We love our fans :) Tonight on the show guest host Katie Johnson is back to discuss the trafficking bill and recent trafficking events. We are also discussing the report out of the UK that states newborns can be killed like the unborn. Does the lack of regard for human life explain the increase in trafficking in the world in general? Politics of the day, and of course...your phone calls. We love hearing from you!
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Stovetop Politics with Virginia Kruta - Mar 30, 2015

It's Friday night, the end of another very long week, and that means it's time to relax and join Stevie and Steve for Getting Hammered. Tonight, we're talking about the GermanWings crash, the pilot, and the stories behind the stories.... more

Scott Walker sold out to ethanol subsidies - to the point that he is allowing the establishment to tell him who to hire. Also, Ted Cruz is running for President. So far, this comes to no one's surprise. But it has brought out a brand new crop of... more

Hey, it's Friday night, and of course, that means it's time to unwind and join us for Getting Hammered! Tonight, Jodi (@APLMom) will be co-hosting as Stevie J West is not yet back from her latest goat wrangling adventure. and we have a... more

The Red Whine with Jodi and Di - Mar 18, 2015 Join us as we interview Chief Joe McDowell. How did an anti-cop program replace Black History month celebration in a Virginia school? What is happening in classrooms and in society... more

Tonight we will "Whine with our Wine" over a few pop-up topics that have hit the news recently. From fraternity boys chanting racist songs on buses to the state of Hillary Clinton's email, we will weigh in with our opinions on what's happening... more

Scott Walker hired pretty women. But he didn't put them in binders, so that has to count for something, right? Hillary had a private email account. She might have used it to smear Netanyahu. She definitely fired an ambassador for the same... more

Stevie has sick Jodi (@aplmom) and Di (@dmb1031), co-hosts of The RedWhineShow here on AltConRadio will be filling in as hosts tonight and keeping Hammy straight (or trying). Bibi Made a speech, Hillary hid her emails,... more

The Red Whine with Laura Leigh, Jodi, and Di - Mar 4, 2015 We will be discussing feminists on college campuses, Cpac and Bibi's speech. Our guest is the lovely Mickey White from the Jim and Mickey show Co-Host of The... more