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What is your preacher, pastor, minister going to tell you when UFOs are disclosed?

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The Vatican has unofficially began the alien disclosure process by stating they would baptize an Alien if they had the opportunity along with A Reuters article this week saying UFOs are messing with missile silo's I think it is imperative you prepare now for how you will react to the great delusion when it is presented to you. If you are 50ish or younger you have been being prepped for this disclosure most of your lives. How many of us are space fans and once dreamed of flying through the stars? The hook is in place and it would deceive even the very elect if not for information from the Bible, the book of Enoch, and Jubilees, a hint of Alister Crowley and the lam. And then hooked to a certain Hubbard who started the church of Scientology, and a friend at the jet propulsion lab by occult stories. Interested yet? How would you or Christians like you and I react to a full scale disclosure by a government that aliens are real? Combine this with a mother-ship flying over every major city and you have the grand delusion foretold in the Bible. Let's say they announce they seeded our galaxy and they are the gods our books tell us about. Maybe they offer to take us to a higher plane of existence, or stop us from killing the planet? How many new age followers are ready to embrace this? Most, and make no mistake, this will fool a lot of Christians if we cannot get the word out, which is satans plan. The truth is the aliens are real, but they are demons and not really extra terrestrial lifeforms. That's the grand delusion. Join me as I connect the dots. Invite everyone you know. This will be a real eye opener. And yes, we will be talking about the Nephilim.